Which Widget and Where? Proper placement prevents plunging patron pageviews

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33% of Ask a Librarian chats are from patrons using Ask a Librarian chat widgets embedded in a library website, ILS, or academic CMS.

Virtual Reference is a service, not a destination.

Widgets are embedded  in your website so the patron doesn't have to leave your website to ask a librarian.

A widget on your website allows the patron to chat with you without leaving your website. Like a search box, access to Ask a Librarian should be on every page of your website to make it easy for patrons to seek assistance.

Follow Me Chat Widgets

"...if a patron navigates to a new page, as long as the new page also contains a LibChat widget, your patrons will be able to continue the conversation seamlessly, without starting a brand new chat session."

LibAnswers 2.9 Update, November 4th 2016

Fun Fact

lyme & cybelle was an American male/female folk/pop duo formed by Warren Zevon and Violet Santangelo. The duo is best known for its moderate chart hit "Follow Me," which represented the first commercial recording of Zevon's long musical career.

Tip: Get up and Dance to Follow Me by lyme and cybelle!

Widget Types

Slideout Widgets

  • Chat and email widgets can be created in LibAnswers
  • Custom widgets that can include, chat, SMS, and email are created by Ask a Librarian
  • Chat widget types: Button, Embedded, Slideout

Optimize placement for small screens

Tip: Place the chat widget in the header or left column

The search box on this page is in the header.

FSU Libraries desktop view

The header remains at the top when viewed with small screens.

FSU Libraries small screen view
FSU Chats by Widget
FSU Chats by OS

Mobile-friendly websites stacks columns, and the left column is viewed first.

Three columns
Three columns stacked

Example from libraries with high chat performance.

Broward County Library has a link to Ask a Librarian in the left column and a widget.

Scroll down to view the link

And a widget on the Help Center page

FAMU has a slideout widget and an embedded chat widget.

Note that FAMU is using the latest version of LibGuides, which is mobile-friendly. Here are screenshots from a small screen device.

Pasco-Hernance State College has a widget on their Mango pages.

Santa Fe College has a chat button and a link to their AaL local page.

SCF's LINCCWeb pages have a slideout widget.

You can see the page the patron was viewing when chat was initiated.

SPC has a widget on their home page.

SPC has a slideout widget and a widget with chat, SMS,and email options.

St Johns County Public Library System is the first library to use the new bottom of the page slideout widget.

Five minutes after the widget was installed, St Johns got a chat patron.

UF was the first library to use an Ask a Librarian widget. They now use a slideout widget on all of their library pages.

UF also has a prominent link to Ask a Librarian.

An embedded chat widget on the UF contact page.

Pages where UF patrons began chat
UF Chats by Widget

Optimal chat widget placement keeps Florida State University Libraries at the top of local library chat.

February 2017 Chats by Widget

Tip: Use Data, Not Intuition

Don't rely on one person's intuition or the ideas of someone in a meeting...use the statistics available in LibAnswers to see if your new widget placement results in more chats.

Implementation of a new feature without analytics is a job half-done.

Analytics is your friend; deploy, test, revise, repeat!

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