Urban Planning Drew GEhring

Day 1

Everyone is still getting used to their newfound roles as city planners. There are a lot of arguments about man made resources, such as the complexities of building our city split between a river for agricultural and power sourcing reasons. The issues of how uncontrollable the land is have yet to be discussed, largely because we are unable to peruse the land and find a satisfactory place for our city. Instead, we have to imagine what the perfect settling place would be.

  • Today‚Äôs major ideas;
  • Subway system using minecarts
  • Airport?
  • A dump in the upper corner out of the way of the city.
  • Extreme Parkage
  • Scattered businesses
  • Jimboland Tower - Tourism and Town hall

Week One

I spent the first part of the week planning out the city with the rest of the group members. During the building process, I spent most the time building up the river and spent some time building the first bridge.

Building on Jimboland has started. The river has been built up, the police station, apartment building and roads are starting to be built.

Week 2

There's been much more construction in the city and the inner city has started to take shape. I was responsible for building lakehouses, a Subway, and the police and fire stations. I've begun to build one of the high schools. It was all chill until someone (Johnny) spawned polar bears literally everywhere.

Police and Fire Station
Unfinished High School ft. Bears

Week 3

We started outlining the main buildings of the city. I outlined the areas for the dump, prison, graveyard, high and grade schools. The roads and bridges connecting the buildings are still being built.

At this point i have built the graveyard, both schools, a Subway, two lakehouses, the dump, a church, the police and fire stations, roads, bridges and dams and outlined the area where the prison will go.

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