News From The Dead Mary Hooper

Section one in my book is taken place at the Master Geoffrey's house. It going to be taken place in a city. I imagine it to be a big house with servants where you look and a rich neighborhood hood with other homes looking like this one.m
This setting are mainly taken place on 59 high street, Oxford across the large cold room, for coffins and by a bakery. Then it also moves to a barn at the house. The barn is close to a mile away from the house, the master owns lots of land
This book is taken place in the 1800s during the civil war,I imagine the setting to be more land area, no buildings
The climate in my time periods right now is Raining because there is a flood coming . The geography is old homes if poor then you have a old house but if you were to be rich you will have servants and a 3 story house. No buildings and grass land.
There population is around 100. In her city there is one village that they all live in. The type of people that live there are rich and poor there is nobody in the middle it's either you will have a servant or you will be a servant
Some things I know it takes place in the past is because people get hung. In the begging they said up to 5 people got hung that year because they didn't follows laws( rules ) . Also there's a king that controls the country right now and their in war. Another word I saw was " all the. servants all had to go back to sleep in their seller. First of all we don't have slaves anymore and we don't have callers for them to sleep in. I knew this was taken place in the past because they use horses as cars, or taverns. They don't actually have an engine or a Toyota a today car
Anne is scared and confused because she realized her master is attracted to her. But at the same time she doesn't mind him doing this because if he finds a interest marriage comes in and for marriage is wealth for her and the family.
She's alone in the dark room and nobody's with her. Along with since the barn is far away no one can see what he's doing to her. What is happening? The master found a interest to his servant Anne and wants to marry her but she believes she can't because she's a servant and poor!.aspx


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