Ile de Re By: Austin A. Dorsey

About Ile de Re

The island of Ile de Re is very sandy and on one side of the island there is a bride connecting from the island to France. During one of the wars in 1625 but six months later, a french leader named Charles, Duke of Guise organization(a landing in order to recapture the island of Ile de Re). Ile de Re also has approximately 5-6 different boat docks.

Ile de Re boat Docks

The Ile de Re boat docks are big and wide and also have hundreds of boats filling them all the way to the end of the docks. These boat docks also lead out to the ocean and there are also some on the side of the island. Fisherman use the boat docks on the side of the island and also boaters use them for scuba diving.

Ile de Re Bridge

The Ile de Re bridge was built in 1988 and is 2.9 km long and swerves and at night all of the lights on the bridge light up the bridge and it eliminates all of the darkness. this bridge can also be seen from a few miles away because of all the lights. The lights are also a big guide for the people crossing it.

Life in Ile de Re

The Ile de Re waters constantly have a cool temperature and Ile de Re also has a nice cool night breeze. The island has a winter residence population of 20,000 residences and a summer residence population of about 220,00 residences. The two main hobbies in Ile de Re are bike riding and sitting on the beach or just going swimming at the beach. There is also dozens of sand bars in the rivers that go through the island and to the ocean.

Ile de Re beach
Ile de Re sand Bar

All of the rivers that go through Ile de Re are covered with big sand bars. they also are on the edge of the beaches and running alongside the island most of the way around it. these sand bars can be pretty useful like if you were swimming and you saw a shark, u could go to the sand bar. If you were swimming and u were getting tired you could go to one of the sand bars that go around the island. There are also a few bridges that go across the sand bars so people can go from the sand bars over the bridge and to land. there are also many fast moving trains that have an approximate top speed of 120 mph. the island also gets about 4,508 fisherman a year. the island gets a total of about 23,576 visitors per year and the island makes about $423,214 per year.

Ile de Re Hotel Area

Ile de Re has many hotels. most of them are located on one side of the island. One of the main hotel areas are surrounded by water and has one bridge way to get to it. The hotels are also made really nice, have good decoration, and the rooms are big.

Ile de Re Tower

This is the Ile de Re tower. This tower is very old and ancient. The tower was built in 1885 and the one behind it was built just recently. The towers are used only for decoration.

Ile de Re spa/pool

Ile de Re has many pools/spas. These spas are big and consist of two pools in it along with a hot tub and little kid pool(Kitty Pool). these pools/spas are also open fourteen hours a day and are constantly crowded with people. the pool/spa also has many water toys, sun bathing chairs, and even water vehicles with and engine like propeller.


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