This project is for a 5T per hour detergent powder plant. Tradekings produce both Boom and Xtra powder, the Zimbabwe company will soon be producing in Harare for both the local and export market.

Some projects are more difficult than others....this one has tested everyone; the client, the engineers, the contractors. It has tested me. As anyone who has ever taken on a major challenge will know, these projects bring the most reward in the end. The determination and focus on the end goal is what will always prevail. I am a big believer in momentum and positive attitude. Creating a dynamic working environment is very important, especially on a long project. The photographs below track the progress of this project from when I first started working on it in December 2015.

Creating a dynamic working environment is very important, especially on a long project.
21st December 2015

The main detergent plant building is a steel structure on piled foundations and ground beams. The steel structure is constructed with Bond-dek steel formwork floors with reinforced concrete. The benefits of this system are speed and ease of construction. The Bond-dek is strong enough to act a formwork with no other supports.

In the foreground you can see the start of the liquid raw material tank farm. The process for producing the powder is waste free because at any stage in the process the material can be re-worked and re-used.
In the foreground is the steel reinforcement for the electrical substation. In the background you can see the formwork and steel reinforcement for the first concrete cast of the spray dry tower columns.
22nd April 2016

As the project progressed and the structure went higher, mechanical equipment and pipework was started on the ground floor.

50T crane positioning the steel beams on level 4
Steel fixers placing rebar and setting out plinths for mechanical equipment
Boiler house slab: the end of a long day for everyone.
Spray Dry Tower concrete support structure.
Packaging Plant: Silos for final product
Electrical Substation Date???

The slab for the transformer had to be broken out and reworked. One of the most important things is to ensure effective communication: In the technical world this is in the shape of drawings, specifications, quality criteria etc. None of this matters if the right people don't get and understand the correct information. In this case the concrete slab had to be broken out for one reason: No communication between the client ordering the Transformer and the contractor sizing this slab. Something so simple adds time and cost.

One of the most important things is to ensure effective communication.
Aerial view capturing the whole project.

The photograph above shows the guide rails being lifted into position for the spray dry tower cleaning ring. The cleaning ring is inside the tower and is controlled by a hoist motor located outside at the base. The rails are there to guide the hoist cables all the way to the top of the tower. if you look carefully you can see people waiting at each bracket to position and bolt it into place.

This was quite a landmark day as the last large piece to be installed on the spray dry tower was positioned. On this project we used a permit to work system which for lifting required a plan to be put in place and signed off by both management, contractor's management and everyone involved in the lift. This went off without a hitch, testament to good planning by all the people involved.

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