Seeing the classroom Ambergiorgis, ethiopia

Wubit Habtie, has been teaching Biology for over 8 years at Ambagiorgis primary school, in northern Ethiopia. Two years ago she began to notice a deterioration in her close sight, causing her problems when seeing the board and marking books.

2300 students attend Ambagiorgis Primary School. Wubit teaches mostly grade 7, her class size averaging 60 pupils from the age of 12-16.

The U.K. Charity, Vision Aid Overseas, has been helping provide eye care resources, training, and voluntary personnel to Ethiopia for over 14 years. Fortunately for Wubit, such a team was in the country and helping at the Vision Centre at nearby Gondar and today, they were visiting the health clinic in Ambagiorgis.

Awaiting eye examinations at Ambagiorgis health centre

Having been tested and supplied with her first pair of reading spectacles, Wubit returned to her school to continue teaching her class.

Writing on the blackboard is now easier. Marking books is no longer a daily struggle.

Wubit Habtie and the grade 7 class at Ambagiorgis primary school are forever thankful for the work of Vision Aid Overseas.

To find out more about the life changing and sight giving work of Vision Aid Overseas click on the button below.

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