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A note from Mike....

Fun fact: Most of the world is on holidays. We hope you are taking some time off to recover and recharge.

Last week I was at ISTE in the U.S. It was so good to meet a number of our readers and friends in person! There were some amazing announcements made by all the tech companies, it is great to see how these companies push each other, and even more exciting is how they are collaborating to bring tools together. It was amazing to see a number of the partner companies integrating with Microsoft Teams (Pear deck, Soundtrap etc) and Google collaborating with a number of creative companies to give Chromebooks even more functionality in the classroom.

We will be doing some interviews with a number of these companies over the coming months. If there is a tool you want us to investigate, just let us know.

Lastly, we are excited to be expanding the team again. We are hiring a general manager to work with us and expand our work in the government and corporate sectors. If you are interested in this role, the details are below. As a heads up, we will also be hiring another trainer in NSW, Australia in the near future. If this is of interest, hit reply to the newsletter email and we will let you know when we are ready to advertise that position.

Have a great week!

Want to work with us here at UTB - or know someone who might be interested?

Team UTB are looking for a GENERAL MANAGER

We are looking for a self-motivated and results-driven General Manager to direct and manage our organisation's business activities and to develop and implement effective business strategies and programs.

Your entrepreneurial spirit and vision in directing business functions will assist our organisation in maintaining relationships with clients, generating new business, increasing staff productivity, improving service, ensuring sustainability, and meeting business objectives.

The successful candidate for this role should possess excellent communication skills, superior knowledge of business functions, exceptional budgeting and finance skills, and strong leadership qualities. You will be passionate about education and making a difference in the lives of others.

A website we like...

We stumbled across this great resource for finding out about your own body!

BBC Earth - How much of your body is your own?

After entering a few details about yourself you are given some beautiful displays of data that tell you things like:

  • which chemical elements are in your body and what they're worth in $
  • how many cells are in your body
  • the length of hair and nails you've grown since you were born
  • comparison of the weights of your organs

...and loads more!

This could be an amazing tool to generate discussion, maths problem solving, biology and much much more. Let us know what you do with it!

An Update we think you'll like

Just launched -

import questions from another Google Form!

Have you noticed the new button that's popped up in Google Forms?

⬅ Below the + and above the TT

This lets you import questions from another Google Form, making it quick and easy to reuse questions that you have used in the past.

If you don’t see this new feature yet, you should do so in the coming weeks. Here’s what it looks like after you click the button.

If you’d like to learn more about the new import question few, check out the Google announcement and help article.

new blogs to check out!

Spinbackup Demonstration

Spinbackup is an amazing tool that can back up your G Suite data. It also has other great features to help protect your G Suite domain. In this video we run through some of those features. - By Mike Reading

Using Book Creator in the Chrome Browser

Book Creator is a favourite tool of mine for demonstrating how to create impactful, authentic digital outcomes eBooks in classrooms. Many teachers are familiar with the iPad app but haven’t seen all the great things you can do when you use Book Creator in a browser. Check out these features that you may not know about! - By Lara Kirk

How to turn a Gmail email into a Google Calendar event - Four options

It’s quite common for a calendar event or meeting to be triggered from an email discussion. As such, it can be helpful to have the information in the email as part of the calendar event. In this blog post, we’ll share four different ways you can add information from a Gmail email to a Google Calendar event. - By Samantha Vardanega

Have something you'd like us to blog about? Let us know by clicking the link below!

create your own greenscreen

Depending on who you might be following on Twitter you may have noticed there is a bit of a swell of ideas around greenscreen outcomes - all since Apple included the option in iMovie on the iPad. (If you're not on Twitter consider creating an account - it's one of the best PLNs around!)

One easy way to create a greenscreen image or video is to simply use Keynote (or Slides) and make the background green.

Export it as an image or video and use it in iMovie - volia!

👍Easy! Give it a go and see how creative your students can be.

sphero on tour - au

Still a few spots available - get in quick and get the ball rolling! ;)

Sphero - Beyond Code

We're so excited about our new partnership with Sphero that we're hitting the road to showcase this awesome tool and show teachers how it can inspire creativity and learning in their classrooms!

Come and join us in...

  • Adelaide - August 5
  • Sydney - August 8
  • Brisbane - August 16
  • Melbourne - August 22

A Keyboard shortcut you need to know!

Creating hyperlinks

I couldn't tell you how many hyperlinks I make every single day. Linking to websites, other documents, places within documents and so on.

It was only a week or so ago someone told me about the magic of ctrl + k (cmd + k on MAC) to quickly bring up the hyperlink editor! Genius!

Want to know more? Check out this blog about 'Back to Basics' or this one about getting to know keyboard shortcuts.

Something to make you think...

Drones Build a Bridge

A lesson (or more) could come from students viewing this video and dicussing what this tech could be used for - good and evil!

Check out the information below the video on the YouTube page - plenty to get secondary students thinking even deeper.

upskill with our online courses

Professional Development that suits your schedule and interests!

💕💕💕 We love hearing from people who are using our online courses and professional learning network to challenge their thinking and increase their skills and knowledge. Thanks for all the feedback and embracing the power of online learning! 💕💕💕

Get together with some colleagues and work through a course together - collaborate, share ideas and encourage each other!

Our online courses cover a range of topics and concepts - from your own digital fluency, through to STEAM and practical, classroom applications for Digital Technologies.

There really is something for everyone!

want practical ideas for integrating DT?

  • Are you looking for ways to integrate Digital Technology into your Literacy and Numeracy programmes in a meaningful way?
  • Concerned about how you will squeeze another curriculum into your already packed classroom schedule?
  • Keen to update your programme but not sure where to start?

The UTB team are developing two new courses that will help you to bring your Literacy and Mathematics teaching into the 21st C.

These courses are designed to really show you practical ideas that you can get started with in your classroom ASAP - as well as encouraging you to think about the pedagogy and relevance of updating how we teach these core subjects to our students.

Right now we're looking for expressions of interests so we can lock in some dates across NZ and Australia.

If you're keen to host us or even just attend please let us know by filling in this short form.

If you'd like to request a workshop or support in your area please get in touch by clicking the button below.

Host schools get a free attendee!

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