Strategic Management Plan Group 10

Revised Mission

  • Deliver results the right way
  • Values are the foundation
  • Contribute to the community
  • Utilize technology
  • Become the global leader in energy

Strategic Analysis Results

  • Financial stability
  • Innovation in upstream process
  • Need for research and development into alternative energy options
  • Continuing to perform well and expand in the energy industry

Proposed Strategy

  • Methane Hydrate Research and Development Joint Industry Project
  • Acquisition of Range Resources, a mid-sized petroleum and natural gas exploration and production company
  • We chose a two part strategy in order for you to explore new energy sources and also continue growth of your current endeavors.

Phase 1: Research and Development

  • What? Invest in the research of methane hydrates
  • Who? Joint research project with Baker Hughes and the Department of Energy
  • When? The project will last from 2018-2025
  • Where? Alaska North Slope
  • How? CO2 injection into methane hydrate deposits
  • Why? Further research in order for you to become the first mass producer of methane hydrate

Phase 2: Acquisition of Range Resources

  • What? Acquire and horizontally integrate
  • Who? Range Resources, a leading independent natural gas company operating in the United States
  • When? Fall of 2017
  • How? Cash of $8.3 billion
  • Why? The acquisition will provide you with an attractive natural gas resource position primarily located in the Marcellus Formation

Long Term Objectives

  • Global growth and expansion
  • Become the first mass operator in the methane hydrate industry
  • Continue to invest in research projects going forward
  • Generating positive cash flow
  • Increasing net income
  • Increased return on assets

Financial Analysis

  • Financial Position will steadily improve over the life of the project
  • Liquidity
  • Increase in cash
  • Profitability

These long-term strategies and objectives will significantly help the corporation going forward into the future


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