Sharks Ben harris

  1. sharks were the first vertebrate to live.
  • The first shark lived around three hundred million years ago The average shark lives to be about twenty five
  • Sharks survived five massive planet extensions.
  • sharks are apex predators.
  • Sharks live in all types of oceans
  • whale sharks live up to on hundred and fifty
  • sharks breath through five to seven gills
  • sharks mature slowly
  • sharks may have up to three thousand teeth
  • sharks have multiple rows of teeth
  1. The Aztecs attached a chili pepper to there canoe to keep sharks away.
  2. sharks generally avoid fresh water.
  3. a majority of sharks live in fresh water.
  4. there are about 200 to 250 shark species.
  5. the most aggressive shark is the bull shark.
  1. sharks normally lose about 2000 teeth in there lifetime.
  2. 100 million sharks are killed each year.
  3. the rarest shark is the Megalodon.
  4. sharks can hear sounds seven hundred feet away.
  5. sharks are color blind.
  1. Baby sharks are called bulls.
  2. Tiger sharks are nicknamed the garbage bags because thy eat everything
  3. Sharks use heartbeats to track prey.
  4. Sharks have up to 2000 teeth.
  5. Sharks live in all oceans.
  1. Sharks can swim up to forty six mph.
  2. The average shark lives to be twenty five.
  3. The sharks eyes depend on there habitat.
  4. Sharks have great senses of smell.
  5. The skin of a female shark is thicker than a males
  1. Whale sharks live up to 150.
  2. Sharks are normally found in 2000 feet deep water.
  3. A sharks bite is twice as strong as a lions.
  4. Some cars are modeled after sharks.
  5. The shark population has decreased by 90%.
  1. Sharks rarely pose as danger to humans.
  2. Sharks were the first vertebrate to live.
  3. Sharks have multiple rows of teeth.
  4. Sharks mature slowly.
  5. Thresher sharks can stun there prey with there tail.
  1. Sharks do not have flaps over there gills.
  2. Sharks are apex predators.
  3. Sharks can be pregnant for two years.
  4. Sharks are a special kind of fish.
  5. The football shark has a light attached to its body to see underwater.

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