Using Video to Kick Off Your Fundraiser!

Check out these examples from schools who teamed up with us and entered their fundraising kickoff videos into our $1,000 Grant Competition!

Stay tuned for the winner of our competition to be announced this coming January!

Movie Trailer to Preview Your Feature Fundraiser

The School of Engineering and Arts teamed up with us again this yer to host a Super Fun Run and they used an epic movie trailer style video to kick off their fundraiser. Here are some elements they used that you can incorporate into your own video:

  • Crescendoing music (like what you would hear in an action movie)
  • Slow motion to intensify the anticipation
  • Capes with their fundraising logo
  • Zooming in on text
  • Exciting phrases like "fun is everything and failure is not an option"

You can watch the full video below and if you have iMovie you can easily use their movie trailer template to make your own epic video!

Another Example from Comstock Elementary:

Variation on the Movie Trailer: Opening Credits Theme from the Sharon Elementary Too-Legit-to-Sit Dance-Athon

We have had the best experience so far with The Get Movin Crew! Our favorite part is our personal coach, Andrea , who has made it so easy for us to set up. She is constantly available to help us and also has the best suggestions! Your website and registration process is also super easy for the parents, as well as the administrators!" ~ Sharon Elementary Fundraising Chairperson

Q&A Style Kickoff Video

McCulloch Elementary and their corporate sponsor 417home.com used a Q&A style video to kick off their FIRST ANNUAL Tiger Run. This video is super easy to pull off. All you need is to have different PTO/PTA members, students, teachers, and admin answer the important questions regarding your fundraiser, such as:

  • When the event is taking place
  • How donations are collected
  • Where the funds will go
  • How to participate
  • What are the student incentives
This is our first time, and I think people didn't honestly believe anyone outside of our community would care enough to donate, BUT THEY HAVE! It has been encouraging for our teachers, students and families. I love our coach, Liz, who has walked us through the steps and given us great advice. This experience has been very rewarding! ~ McCulloch Elementary Fundraising Chairperson

Student Stars

Similar to the Q&A style, this informative video style is so fun and simple to make. Have your students be the stars as they detail the information regarding your fundraiser. Ideas for a student star video:

  • Give students notes/simple script but allow them to have fun with creating the video
  • Make sure they highlight the overall fundraising goal, how to collect donations, and the rewards for reaching individual goals
  • Use music, dancing, games, and other fun elements

Student Stars Video Examples:

Northwest Elementary raised money to build AN OUTDOOR CLASSROOM along with funding: assemblies, classroom supplies and support, folders for every student, free book for every student at the book fair, planners for grades 3-5, literacy in the classroom, field day, One School/One Book, and more! They kicked off their fundraiser with this adorable student-led video and ended up bringing in over $32,000 to fund these amazing initiatives!

This was the first year for Ponderosa Elementary to team up with us after previously using another company. Here's what they had to say about their experience:

This is our first year working with The Get Movin Crew and we love it! The ease of the website, all the reports and tools that are available are priceless. Our Personal Event Coach, Jim, has been so helpful and really cares about our event being a success.

Comic Book Style

Christina Huddleston Elementary hosted a Fun Run this year with the theme of "Be a Hero!" Sticking to this superhero theme, they created a fun, bright, and engaging comic book style video to kick off their fundraiser!

Here are some elements they used:

  • Illustrated style for the graphic elements and text font
  • Animated superhero cartoon characters
  • Action-packed background music
  • Page flip transitions so it feels like you are reading through a comic book

This is the third year Christina Huddleston Elementary has teamed up with us and they say they are "never going back!"

Music Video

Get into the rhythm of your fundraiser with a fun music video for your kickoff! Carillon Elementary created this fun video for their Comet Challenge Fun Run and ended up bringing in over $38,000 to purchase a Virtual Reality cart for the school and fund their PTA programs with an emphasis in Arts, Math/Stem and Literacy. Here's how they pulled off their amazing music video style fundraiser kickoff:

  • Voice overs from admin, teachers, parents, and students to talk about the Carillon PTA and their fundraiser.
  • Musical elements, lip syncing, and dancing from the PTA
  • Black and white elements with overexposed colors to make it look like an old school rock music video
  • Background music: I Love Rock N' Roll
Carillon loves working with our personal event coach, Andrea, as she is always available and provides both great feedback and ideas. When we first wanted to do our own fundraiser we were nervous and finding Andrea and The Get Movin' Crew was such a blessing. With their coaching, prize ideas, reporting and system we had the confidence to take on the task. Having the support is key. ~ Carillon PTA Fundraising Chairperson

Another Superhero Video: Valley Crossing Fitness Fun Run

Valley Crossing also tapped into the super hero persuasion power with their awesome kickoff video. They raised over $28,000 to pay for extracurricular activities for students, snowshoes for phys. ed. classes, an artist visit to the school, starting a LEGO Robotics club....and what their students are most excited about....getting swings on their playground!

Videos That Get a Laugh

Nothing is quite as effective as comedy to get the attention of students and parents. Take Gulf Breeze Elementary, for example. They previously used a different company for their fundraising needs, but after switching to TGMC this past fall they OVER $59,000 with their Super Star-Athon! Part of their success was due to their hilarious kickoff video. They incorporated comedic elements such as:

  • Using their principal (you could use a teacher/gym teacher/coach) to do silly things like race the mascot, do pull-ups, and other physical activities
  • Incorporating funny dance moves like the floss
  • Using their mascot to help with the physical comedy
  • Silly, light music
  • Fast pacing in the video to keep up the energy
Super-Star-A-Thon Chair and the school Principal Stevens awarded the top fundraiser with a brand new Nintendo Switch!

Mascots are Motivating! Another Comedic Example from Stanford Montessori:

Stanford Montessori raised over $15,000 to help purchase STEAM improvements and Montessori materials for their classrooms. Their second annual Bear Run was a huge success, and their bear mascot helped motivate students to get involved from the very beginning!

Stop Motion Videos

Want to get your information across, entertain viewers, and do it all without having to include people in your video? How about a fun stop motion video? Check out this example from Pittsfield Elementary:

Want to learn how to make your own stop motion video? All you need is a camera, materials, and a backdrop. Check out this helpful guide.

I have really enjoyed working with the Folks at the Get Movin' Crew. In addition to a great, easy to use website their event coaches are helpful, engaged and inspiring. I was skeptical at first since this was my first year... but once I had my one-on-one phone call with our TGMC representative I felt much more comfortable with the website and all the cool features that it provides. I felt that our representative really cared about our event and pushed and encouraged me in just the right ways to maximize what our little school could achieve. In the end we raised about $2,000 more than we ever had before! - Pittsfield Fundraising Chairperson
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