Diane Arbus is the most distinguished photographer of the 20th century. She was born in America in 1923, her parents were wealthy Jewish who were owners of a massive fur store. I was researching for pre 1950 photographer and I came across her biography which inspired me enough that I decided to write about her life and experience of photography for this project. She was quite daring but quite person. I like her pageboy cut and peter pan collars style, which shows her personality as a strong individual.


Diane Arbus got married in 1941 with Allan Arbus. The pair then started their career as fashion photographers for magazines from Vogue to Harper's Bazaar for nearly a decade. They were profiled as an adorable working couple, but Diane was growing dissatisfied she wasn't happy with her job she wanted to photograph natural emotion not directors fantasy models. she was done with the contained environment of the studio she needed to move out into the world and soon she did that by saying I can't do it any more, I am not going to do it anymore. She wanted to explore the world through her photography she wanted to know people's sad stories but she dint have the courage to go and ask them directly so she decided to photograph them and I can clearly see her each and every photograph tells a story.


Diane committed suicide in 1971, with her sudden death she became one of the best known American photographers in history and one of the most controversial. she photographed people on the street, cross dressers to drag performers to circus freaks. she photographed black and white images of outsiders. She photographed Jack Dracula 'The Marked Man'. She snapped Miss Makrina, the Russian dwarf in her home, sweeping up her kitchen, and the man who swallows razor blades, cradling a new born infant. Diane seduced intimate images out of so many unexpected subjects. there were men with all over tattoos and circus names, women who dressed as men. she photographed a Jewish giant visiting his parents in Bronx, middle aged folks in nothing but sandals at a new jersey nudist camp. She snapped a lot of twins and triplets in matching dress.

Ideas How to Recreate Digitally

Diane Arbus's portraits are quite controversial, which make her one of the best photographers of pre 50s. Her portraits are white and black and quite dark which represent the dark side of the society. i chose a portrait of my niece who is wearing black hat and coat i changed it into black and white added a texture to make it more dark played around with the contrast and colour and came up with this final look.

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