Climate Change by Jairo marroquin

Climate change is increasing earth temperatures humans are responsible for most of the climate change by destroying the planet resouces slowly and contaminating the atmosphere

Deforestation is harming the planet deforestation affects climate change. when Humans clear the land that is doing the process photosynthesis is the process in which trees and plants take in carbon dioxide and take out oxygen so every time deforestation happen less carbon dioxide is going away and more carbon dioxide in being created by the machines they used to cut the tress down.

  • 3 causes of climate change.
  • cause 1 are the burning of fossil fuel and coal burning plants. this cause enormous amounts of carbon dioxide to be release into the atmosphere.
  • Cause 2 methane emission from animal,agriculture such as rice paddies,and from the arctic seabeds. Methane is another extremely potent greenhouse gas, ranking right behind CO2.
  • Cause 3 deforestation affect the atmosphere. Forests help remove and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and when deforestation happens it's releases large amounts of carbon, as well as reducing the amount of carbon capture on the planet when forest are removes its has an negative effect on the atmosphere.

3 simply ways we can do to help fight climate change.

1.clean the filter from your air conditioner by doing this you could save 350 pounds of carbon dioxide.

2.use less hot water in the shower on when washing clothes. it keeps another 350 pounds a year from the atmosphere.

3.dry clothes on a clothesline You can save 700 pounds of carbon dioxide when you air dry your clothes for 6 months out of the year


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