LeTs TaLk AbOuT sOcKs Rayanna Raftery

Its the simple things in fashion that can make a difference. For me that little thing is socks, whether they compliment the outfit, or just make you happy.

Tall Socks// Blue Moon Boutique $7

"They keep my legs warm & add to my outfit!"

Pig Socks// Old Navy $3

"I bought them because I thought they were cute & funny"

Favorite Socks// Urban Outfitters $10

"I bought them for the colors, but I love them because they're comfortable"

I♥YOU Socks// H&M €4

"They make me smile"

Nike Socks// Nike $8

"They match my basketball shoes & they're comfortable"

Lucky Socks// Old Navy $3

"I bought them for St. Patricks Day, I call them my 'lucky' socks"

Hotdog Socks// H&M €4

"They make me hungry"

Special Socks// Gifted (price unknown)

"They were my moms!"

Striped Socks// Online $10

"Socks make a statement without being too bold"

Avo-Sockos// H&M €4

"I love avocados"

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Rayanna Raftery

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