Africa's Poaching Crisis By: zane dabbs

There is a massive epidemic happening in the state's of Africa, a illegal poaching problem. Poachers are using cruel machines from AK-47's to Grenade launchers, and with those weapons, according to The National Geographic, they can kill up to 100,000 African Elephants in at least three years. Elephants are slaughtered just for things the illegal poachers want like tusks, pelt, and bones they and the ivory from a Elephant can be $1000 a pound and people think that Rhino horns can treat "fevers" and rhino horns could be more expensive then gold! Illegal poachers murder 35,000 Elephants a year while trying to get that. With that rate, we could be limited with 450,000 African elephants in just 13 years and the world only has about 700,000 African elephants. The things that is surprising to me is that there were 5,000,000 million African elephants in the 50's and we cant forget about other animals like the Mountain gorilla the species only has 880 individual's left. The Mountain gorilla's are the most endangered gorilla species in the world. So African elephants might become extinct someday and we could stop that and even stop all poaching for animals, if you just look at the numbers and realize that you could've killed a whole species with a pull of a trigger and if you want to save the Elephants you could donate money to programs that stop poachers, hire rangers, make a safe habitat for the Elephants, and endangering animals.


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