Computer Apps Holly Cudmore

I am taking Computer Apps because my guidance counselor recommended it to me. She said it would be very helpful in the future, and would get one of the technology credit that I need out of the way early.

The most important thing that I've learned this year is how to use the Microsoft Office Suite Tools. I got to learn how to efficiently use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. My knowledge of these tools will help me in the future because many jobs require at least basic knowledge in Microsoft Tools.

Top 3 Projects -

The Carnival Brochure was one of my favorites because we used Google Docs, which I am familiar with from other classes. Also, I learned how to make a three-fold brochure in Google Docs by adding a table and extending it. This was very useful to know because in a different class after this project we had to make one. I learned how to add a smaller table inside the larger one and how to fit pictures appropriately.

Made in Google Docs

We also used Google Draw and made cartoons of ourselves. We took a picture of ourselves and then used the curved line feature to outline the prominent parts of our face. Once everything was outlined, even different shades of our skin from the lighting, we used the fill feature and chose colors to match our skin, hair, eyes, etc. Although this task was very long, hard, and didn't look much like me I enjoyed the idea and may do it for other projects, with different pictures in other classes.

Made in Google Draw

Another project I enjoyed was making the Thanksgiving Day Menu. I liked this project because I got to use Microsoft which is very easy to use and I got to see how the templates in Microsoft work. I also liked how it turned out in the end.

Made in Microsoft Word

I do not think that I would take this class again because all though it was very helpful I think I would want to try something new. I would definitely recommend this class to my friends because the new knowledge of Microsoft and practicing typing again is very useful.

Other Projects -

Microsoft Excel challange
Microsoft Word Flyer
PowerPoint on Career


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