Pirate's Cove a 30 year servitude

A mostly true tale from:

When just young bucs', Willie Sieh, Jeff Graft, a former college football player, and twin-brother Brad Graft, a former Marine Officer, worked swabbing the decks on Pirate's Cove vessels throughout the lands and across the seas. Slowly, they earned their keep, and through their labors were able to accumulate booty enough to take the helm of a fleet of ships. Along with a trusted band of scalaways, their reputation grew and their fleet prospered.

Eventually, they ran aground in a tucked-away and friendly harbor. This land of sugar sand beaches, with its promises of cherry rum and casks of wine appeared to them to be a place they could get out of pirating and take up land livin'.

credit: http://c.ikitesurf.com/

Ahoy! They did indeed find their treasure here in 1983 when they set up their first Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf location.

As they took to domestic life, they became loved by the locals and infamous across the lands. Here and there, they had to refresh their booty ...

2016 Liner Replacement -- Original liner at the original Pirate's Cove location in Traverse City, MI. This liner was older than the barnacles on the side of a grounded ship -- over 30 years old!

.... using new 20 mil PVC liner from EPI - The Liner Company to keep the water from a drainin' back into the salty earth.

PVC fabricated geomembrane liners by EPI are single-ply construction with Polyvinyl Chloride as the principle polymer. Only first quality virgin resins are used and all materials meet or exceed ASTM D 7176 minimum specifications* for materials and ASTM D 7408 minimum specifications for seam strength.**

PVC Liners are fabricated by EPI in panel sizes up to 40,000 square feet, accordion-folded in both directions, and packaged for shipment to your site for quick, easy installation to save you time and money.

EPI utilizes statistical process control (SPC) to ensure the quality and integrity of each panel we produce. EPI is the only fabricator to remove samples from actual factory seams during the welding process for a rigorous, proven testing procedure that assures you of the highest quality factory-fabricated PVC geomembranes available.

Benefits of EPI PVC Geomembranes: 30 MIL PVC

  • Flexibility for three dimensional performance.
  • Larger Panels: Up to 80% less field seams
  • Long term surviviability.
  • Custom size and shaped panels.
  • Most orders ship within 72 hours.

Typical Applications:

  • Landfill Closures
  • Irrigation Ponds
  • Oil Drilling Reserve Pits
  • Soil Remediation
  • Decorative Water Features
  • Waste Water Lagoons
  • Mining

For 30 years they labored, made friends, and their treasure grew ...

... and grew.

One might even say, they had set anchor on land.

Their tentacles reached far and wide.


Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, South Dakota, Virginia, and Wisconsin!

In spite of their outward appearance ...

... they were loved.

EPI - The Liner Company has provided liners for all 25 Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf locations throughout the United States ... (and the seven seas).

Both EPI - The Liner Company and Pirate's Cove are family-owned businesses.

We have been happy to grow along side Pirate's Cove, and to provide them service over these last 30 years.

We're so proud of this excellent company committed to providing family fun, and who got their start right here in our Traverse City community.

Land Lubbers

Pirate's Cove owners: Jeff Graft, Willie Sieh, and Brad Graft


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