Quarter 2 Novel Project By: Anahi Ortiz

Summary- Tally Youngblood is about to get the pretty surgery- which will be great, because her BestFriend already lives in the pretty part of the city. But when she almost gets in trouble (breaking into New Pretty Town), she meets Shay, an ugly who is a little more rebellious.

Setting: (Exists in four areas) The Smoke, The Rusty Ruins, New Pretty Town, and Ugly Ville.

Characters: Tally Youngblood, David, Shay, Maddy, Az

Theme: "Appearance. In Uglies, appearance is right where it should be: out in the open. A lot of this book involves people arguing over prettiness vs. ugliness in very open ways, as Tally and Shay do.

Genre: Uglies is a 2005 Science Fiction novel by Scott WesterFeld.

Summary: When Mama's abusive boyfriend, an Elvis impersonator, chases them out of Memphis, Foster and her mom end up in Culpepper, West Virginia. This small town is filled with quirky residents, from the grumpy restaurant owner Angry Wayne to the reclusive movie star Miss Charleena. But even in this tiny town, people have big dreams, and Foster herself dreams of someday having a TV cooking show like her idol. But for right now, Foster's going to concentrate on perfecting her baking, helping her new friend Mason make a documentary, and finally learning to read with the help of Miss Charleena!

Setting: first lived in Memphis then moved to Culpepper, West Virginia.

Characters: Foster McFee, Huck, Marietta Morningstar, Kitty and Lester,Sonny Kroll, Rayka McFee, Macon Dillard, Garland

Theme: Single Parents, moving, running away, Behavioral and Learning Problems and Disorders

Genre: Realistic Fiction

How they are similar?- They are both similar because they both include drama. The both include running away from danger.

How they are different?- They are different because of their actions how the react to stuff.


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