Lord of the Wings Logo Design by: Si Ran Pang

Restaurant Brief

The Lord of the Wings is an authentic middle class restaurant located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Many people travel from around the world for the classic taste of wings the restaurant offers. Although Lord of the Wings carries a variety of wings but the restaurant is most famous for there unique and delicious, pineapple-teriyaki buffalo wings. The shop is open 7 days a weeks and opens from 10:00am to 9:00 at night.

Menu Research

3 ways to serve chicken wings. Chicken Wings can be baked, fried and grilled this helps me to prepare my personas and to understand which type/flavour is the most liked.

Research of simple wing logo design

Wing based restaurant logo research


10 Thumbnails

3 Roughs

Comprehensive Drawings/testing on illustrator

In my finial Design I mimicked the Lord of the Rings's font style used in the movie. By using similar font style, it makes my restaurant more easily recognizable to my customers since the name "Lord of the Wings" is similar with the well known fantasy, " Lord of the Rings".

Comprehensive Drawing on Illustrator

3 Main Comprehensive Drawings

Final Design

Logo on Restaurant

Preexisting Lord of the Wings restaurant and logo design

Researched for reference


Prior to designing the logo, I first created my personas based on the location of my restaurant and chose to set the location of the restaurant in downtown Toronto because of the greater number of people flow present in downtown. It is also because downtown offers a variety of restaurants than the North York area of Toronto.

I took several steps in creating my final logo design. I first obtained the "lord of the ring" font as the template for lord of the wings's font. Then, using the pen tool, I followed the couture of the letters while making some changes so that I am not entirely copying the font. For example, for the letters "R" and "D" it is clear that the letters appears to look more round. You can also see that the letter "D" seems irregular, closed shape because I aimed to add personality to the letter and make it look as if is burning. By personally creating the letters, I could get exactly how I want the logo to look like instead of using a preexisting font.

As for the letter o, I thought of replacing the letter a wing drawing to add visual effect to my logo. In my first design, the letter o was a simply drawing of a ring with wings attached to it. However, the extended drawings of the wings blocked the letter L and R and it was overall too distracting to the place. Then, in my second design, I took a different approach and replaced the letter o with a cartoony image of wing which enriched my design because the customer can clearly tell what the restaurant sells, but it also became interesting to look at since the wing appears to be patting on the letter L.

I had some difficulty arranging the colours in my design. I had been influenced by the gold colour used in "Lord of the Rings". So, I first tired using separate gold colours for the word "Lord" and "Wing" and had "of the" just black a black colour with a italic marion font. However, this design didn't have too much contrast and therefore loses the focus of the logo. Eventually after many tries I decided to have the word Lord as black fill and gold outline and gold font with black outline for Wings. This combination deliveries a spiritual feel because of the connection with the actual story " Lord of the Rings".

I chose restaurant at nighttime because it portrays the magical feel from Lord of the Rings movie. Also, the gold colour do stand out at night and can be portrayed as stars illuminating in the sky.

While working with photoshop, I applied a smooth inner bevel effect at a 30 degrees angle along with texture. These effect helped to enriched the overall look of my logo design it made the logo appear more realistic on a restaurant banner.

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