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Principal's Corner

It's been an amazing second six weeks here at Dubose Intermediate! Students have been working hard to build their literacy skills. Our teachers and staff have been working hard preparing our students for their annual benchmark exams. Exams will be given in all STAAR tested subject areas. Here at Dubose, fifth graders are assessed in Reading, Math and Science. Sixth graders are tested in two subject areas, Reading and Math. Tips you can utilize to assist in ensuring your student is working toward his/her full potential in the coming weeks include:

* Pay close attention to your child's progress report/report card grades. Be sure you set up a parent/teacher conference if you have any concerns.

* Ensure your child is arriving to class on time everyday. The tardy bell rings at 8:15 a.m.

* ASK your child to explain/describe for you test taking strategies they are using in the classroom. Your child's ability to explain what is happening in the school setting proves he/she is aware of what must be done to be successful on assignments/exams.

* Ensure your child is doing his/her homework daily.

* Encourage your child to read as much as possible to increase his/her vocabulary — even reading magazines, newspapers, and comic books regularly will help improve reading skills.

Respectfully, Mrs. Orta

Assistant Principal

As an Assistant Principal, working with students and parents is at the forefront of all daily responsibilities; providing guidance on the steps necessary for implementing responsible decision-making. For students, the responsible decision-making process is made up of several components such as, understanding yourself, your actions and how they affect others. Our students are at the cusp of adolescence and sometimes responsible decision-making for them can be clouded by pressures from friends, opinions from other students and the want/need to be the cool one on campus- essentially, the need to be socially accepted. Teachers and staff at Dubose Intermediate are committed to maintaining a supportive environment for students as we assist them in navigating through difficult choices and preparing them for future success.

Thank You

Mrs. Johnson

Teachers: Mrs. Barrera/ Mrs. Garcia

5th grade math tutoring started November 6th. Certain students were invited to get assistance after school to help reinforce critical grade level math concepts. Each teacher decided on different days to tutor. If you are unsure if you child was invited to tutoring, please contact your child's math teacher. Students were taught decimal operations in the 2nd six weeks. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of decimals. Talk with your children at home about money as it will help them tie in decimals into real life situations.

Teachers: Dr. Perez/ Mrs. Sprouse

6th grade Math

2nd six weeks has come and gone. We are in the 3rd six weeks and the last few weeks where the 1st semester will be ending soon. Our math benchmark is scheduled for December 11th. This will tell us what our students have learned 1st semester and what we still need to review. 3rd Six Weeks will go fast. It only has 5 weeks. We will work with Financial Literacy (Unit 11 test is November 15th) and Equivalent Expressions and Equations along with working with one-variable equations (Unit 6 test is December 14th). We will finish the semester off with multiple representations of math and holiday graphing projects. It is very important that students study each night, read each night, and finish the semester strong. We need all students to make it a goal for the rest of the year to complete and turn their work in on time.

Continue to check Remind daily for updates.

If you have any questions, please email us at our school email.

Have a blessed and safe Holiday Season.

Mrs. Howard/ Ms. Stephens

5th Grade Science

Science students worked hard throughout the end of the 2nd six weeks to build STEM carnival games. The focus of the project was force and motion. Students had to follow the Scientific Method to be able to create their game. This allowed students to be able to understand the steps and follow the process, just like a real scientist. They hosted their games during the Science Carnival and it was a huge success. Parents we can't thank you enough for your support.

Miss. Botello and Mrs. Staff

6th Grade Science

This past six week our scientists have begun their journey into chemistry studying metals, nonmetals, and metalloids. They have learned how to calculate density and some physical properties of minerals. This next six weeks we will begin our unit on force and motion. We will be studying kinetic and potential energy, the effects of unbalanced forces, calculating average speed, changes in motion and inclined planes.6th Grade Science Fair Participants

6th grade science fair participants are in full swing coming up with their ideas and problems. Please see your child's folder for information, or feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Below are all of the due dates for participants:

Nov. 4 - Project Idea (Topic)

Nov. 6 - Problem, Hypothesis, Materials

Nov. 13 - Procedure, Data, Results and Project Title

Nov. 20 - Conclusion

Dec. 2 - Final Project due

We're excited to see all of the projects this six weeks! Good luck!

Social Studies

Teachers: Mrs. Gomez/ Mrs. Garcia

5th Grade Social Studies

Students studied about the causes of the American Revolution, The Constitution of Americas fighting the revolution and the need for creating a United a United States Government for the colonies.

Teachers: Mrs. Perez/ Mr. Brown

6th grade students have been working hard these past few weeks discussing cultural regions that developed through immigration and timelines were used to illustrate immigration. Students were able to timeline their life learnings which were when they started talking, walking and crawling. We have also discussed the difference between push and pull factors and used foldable to exhibit examples. We also discussed Mexico and the United States followed by the Columbian Exchange.

Teachers: Mrs. Gonzalez/ Mrs. Patton

This six weeks we studied author's purpose and craft and how it contributes to the text structure of a text.

In Reading, students examine a variety of texts, focusing on the author’s organizational structure. Students analyze how the text structure contributes to the author's purpose. Additionally, students analyze text/print and graphic features to understand their purpose and to consider their influence on the author’s message. Students also use multiple comprehension strategies such as generating questions, making inferences and connections, determining key ideas, and synthesizing information to build their understandings. Through both written responses and discussions, students demonstrate their understandings of texts and use text evidence to support their ideas.

Teachers: Mrs.Toerck/ Ms. Beltran

During our second six weeks, we have been busy learning how to analyze genre characteristics. We also have been busy interacting with our selected texts in a meaningful way by annotating, to help us understand what we read on a higher level. Our students took their first unit exam and they did well! We are preparing for our second unit exam that is in just a few weeks.

Parental Involvement has been working together with 5th grade Science teachers to create a carnival theme for 5th-grade students upcoming projects they're working on. Our recent project was district-wide & it was a success. It was our Veteran's Event which took place at our very own Alice High School. It was a heartfelt ceremony from finish to end. Parental Involvement encourages any parents, grandparents, or community members who enjoys volunteering their time to come on in & fill out one of our volunteer packets. There is always something to do and our volunteers are a part of our Dubose family!

Thank You

Yvonne De La Garza

The following students have met their AR Goal for the 2nd Six Weeks. They

will be given a pass to wear their favorite team shirt on Friday,

November 15. They will also be rewarded with a nacho party at

2:00 p.m. in the cafeteria. They will receive their tickets during the


30 total students met their AR Goal!!! Congratulations to all

teachers for all of your hard work!!!

Congratulations to Mitchell Hacker Fleeger for earning 97.5 points

during the six weeks. He is the top AR point earner in 6 th grade!

Congratulations to Eli Walker for earning 69.7 points during the

six weeks. He is the top AR point earner in 5 th grade!

6 th Grade- 14 total students

A. Toerck- 9 total

Elijah Herrera

Aubrey R. Garcia

Lino Garcia

Jose D. Salinas

Randall Torres

Aden Tunchez

Julia Espinosa

Tiffany Kim

James Wars

J. Beltran-5 total

Miguel Cantu

Nicholas DelBosque

Mitchell Hacker-Fleeger

Audrina Torres

Nonami Garza

5 th Grade- 16 students

N. Gonzalez-7 total

Emma Guerra

Elyana Mata

Luciano Perales

Jazzlyn Trejo

Bardoe Clement

Isis Rodriguez

Michael Govea

P. Patton- 9 total

Eduardo Hernandez

Aydan Mata

Victory Prado

Abdiel Salinas

Micah Torres

Christina Pena

Benjamin Ragland

Adan Soliz

Eli Walker

Thank You

Allisa Z. Garza, Librarian