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Family is very important to me. Even if they get on my nerves. I will always protect and care for them. The poem " Granny" by James Riley and the poem "Mamma Said" by Calvin Forbes. These poems to me show my own family because my mom is always right and she helps me when I lose and forget things. My grandmother show love and when she ask me to help her I do.



Granny’s come to our house,

And ho! my lawzy-daisy!

All the childern round the place

Is ist a-runnin’ crazy!

Fetched a cake fer little Jake,

And fetched a pie fer Nanny,

And fetched a pear fer all the pack

That runs to kiss their Granny!

Lucy Ellen’s in her lap,

And Wade and Silas Walker

Both’s a-ridin’ on her foot,

And ’Pollos on the rocker;

And Marthy’s twins, from Aunt Marinn’s,

And little Orphant Annie,

All’s a-eatin’ gingerbread

And giggle-un at Granny!

Tells us all the fairy tales

Ever thought er wundered—

And ’bundance o’ other stories—

Bet she knows a hunderd!—

Bob’s the one fer “Whittington,”

And "Golden Locks" fer Fanny!

Hear ’em laugh and clap their hands,

Listenin’ at Granny!

“Jack the Giant-Killer” ’s good;

And “Bean-Stalk” ’s another!—

So’s the one of “Cinderell’”

And her old godmother;—

That-un’s best of all the rest—

Bestest one of any,—

Where the mices scampers home

Like we runs to Granny!

Granny’s come to our house,

Ho! my lawzy-daisy!

All the childern round the place

Is ist a-runnin’ crazy!

Fetched a cake fer little Jake,

And fetched a pie fer Nanny,

And fetched a pear fer all the pack

That runs to kiss their Granny!

"Momma Said

By Calvin Forbes

The slice I ate I want it back

Those crumbs I swept up

I’d like my share again

I can still taste it like it was

The memory by itself is delicious

Each bite was a small miracle

Both nourishing and sweet

I wish I had saved just a little bit

I know it wasn’t a literal cake

It’s the thought that counts

Like a gift that’s not store-bought

Making it even more special

Like a dream that makes you

Want to go back to sleep

You can’t have your cake

And eat it too Momma said

I was defiant and hardheaded

And answered yes I can too

The look she gave me said boy

I hope you aren’t a fool all your life

I see love as a avenue of happiness and it can last forever. The poems "Love Lives Beyond the Tomb" by John Clare and "The Kiss" by Robert Graves address the way how I view love. This can also help other readers see love a way maybe they have never seen it before. The line in the poem " Love Lives Beyond the Tomb" states " Love lives beyond/The tomb, the earth, which fades like dew."

"Love Lives Beyond the Tomb"


Love lives beyond

The tomb, the earth, which fades like dew—

I love the fond,

The faithful, and the true

Love lives in sleep,

'Tis happiness of healthy dreams

Eve’s dews may weep,

But love delightful seems.

'Tis seen in flowers,

And in the even's pearly dew

On earth's green hours,

And in the heaven's eternal blue.

‘Tis heard in spring

When light and sunbeams, warm and kind,

On angels’ wing

Bring love and music to the wind.

And where is voice,

So young, so beautiful and sweet

As nature’s choice,

Where Spring and lovers meet?

Love lives beyond

The tomb, the earth, the flowers, and dew.

I love the fond,

The faithful, young and true.

"The Kiss"


Are you shaken, are you stirred

By a whisper of love,

Spellbound to a word

Does Time cease to move,

Till her calm grey eye

Expands to a sky

And the clouds of her hair

Like storms go by?

Then the lips that you have kissed

Turn to frost and fire,

And a white-steaming mist

Obscures desire:

So back to their birth

Fade water, air, earth,

And the First Power moves

Over void and dearth.

Is that Love? no, but Death,

A passion, a shout,

The deep in-breath,

The breath roaring out,

And once that is flown,

You must lie alone,

Without hope, without life,

Poor flesh, sad bone.

I view religion as a gateway to a better place when on hard times. In the peom "Good Friday" by Maria Melendez Kelson. This line from the text states " Jesus, I want my sins back." This line stuck out to me because people would rather want bad in their life than to change it for the better.

"Good Friday"


Jesus, I want my sins back.

My prattle, pride, and private prices —

climbing, clinching, clocking —

I might loan you a few for the evening,

so you don’t show up at your own crucifixion

naked of all purpose.

But for God’s sake, don’t spill any

redemption on them! They’re my

signature looks. Body by Envy.

Make up & wardrobe provided by Avarice. Lord,

if you take away my inordinate cravings,

what the hell’s left? Do you know

how much I paid for my best rages?

I want them all back if they’re

so To Die For. Else shred my palms,

wash my face with spit, let the whip

unlace my flesh and free the naked blood,

let me be tumbled to immortality

with the stew of flood debris

that is my life.

Life can be defined in so many words and phases. I think of life as something that people shouldn't take advantage of because in the blink of an eye your whole life can chang. In the poems "Life" by George Herbert and "Hip Hop Ghazal" by Patricia Smith. Explains how I view life. In the peom "Life" it states " Who did so sweetly death's sad taste convey/Making my mind to smell my fatal day." Also in the poem "Hip Hop Ghazal" states " you need to get off what God gave you/Say a prayer and start singing.



I made a posy, while the day ran by:

“Here will I smell my remnant out, and tie

My life within this band.”

But Time did beckon to the flowers, and they

By noon most cunningly did steal away,

And withered in my hand.

My hand was next to them, and then my heart;

I took, without more thinking, in good part

Time’s gentle admonition;

Who did so sweetly death’s sad taste convey,

Making my mind to smell my fatal day,

Yet, sug’ring the suspicion.

Farewell dear flowers, sweetly your time ye spent,

Fit, while ye lived, for smell or ornament,

And after death for cures.

I follow straight without complaints or grief,

Since, if my scent be good, I care not if

It be as short as yours.

"Hip-Hop Ghazal"


Gotta love us brown girls, munching on fat, swinging blue hips,

decked out in shells and splashes, Lawdie, bringing them woo hips.

As the jukebox teases, watch my sistas throat the heartbreak,

inhaling bassline, cracking backbone and singing thru hips.

Like something boneless, we glide silent, seeping 'tween floorboards,

wrapping around the hims, and ooh wee, clinging like glue hips.

Engines grinding, rotating, smokin', gotta pull back some.

Natural minds are lost at the mere sight of ringing true hips.

Gotta love us girls, just struttin' down Manhattan streets

killing the menfolk with a dose of that stinging view. Hips.

Crying 'bout getting old—Patricia, you need to get up off

what God gave you. Say a prayer and start slinging. Cue hips.

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