Clean up your Act! By: Haileigh House


If you have long hair, put it up in a pony tail so it cannot drag through or in anything, get in the way, possibly catch on fire, or get stuck in a appliance.

When wearing long sleeve shirts push up your sleeves, they might drag and cause a accident in the kitchen.

Closed toed shoes are important to wear when cooking because if a knife falls it's less likely to stab you in the foot, would hate to lose a toe.

Make sure to wash your hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap before handling any appliances in the kitchen or food.

Any cuts on your hands? If so, put gloves on before handling food.


Wipe off the countertops with sanitizing liquid before preparing on them.
Cross Contaminaition is a process by which bacteria is transferred from one substance to another, causes harmful effects. So when in the kitchen try to avoid this from happening by washing everything off, making sure what you use is clean, use utensils for foods.
Breaks and spills are often accidental occurrences in the kitchen, but when they happens clean it up as soon as possiable.

Your dishes need to be correctly cleaned before use to prevent bacteria caused illnesses. Pregnant women, infants, and elderly people are more susceptible to these illnesses.

Trash and food disposal is also important. Do not pour grease down a sink drain. It's very important to store food the right way or it can be very bad. Put the raw meats or fish in a plastic bag sealed tight, and store in lowest drawer. Store Foods within 2 Hours of preparing it and divide left overs into containers, refrigerate.


Wash of fresh produce before using in a meal. Carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, grapes, apples, basically all fruits and vegetables.
To defrost frozen meat their are a few routes you can go. The best way is to put the meat in the refrigerator. Other options are soaking the meat while in its package in cold water, such as a sink full of cold water, or you can leave it out on the countertop for a few hours.
Always cook your meat all the way through. You can get sick with E. Coli.

Use different cutting boards for foods.

If you cut up steak on a cutting board use a different cutting board or wash off the cutting board before it's used to cut up produce.

Finally, check to expiration date on canned goods, juice, seasonings, sauce, junk food, anything. Everything edible has a expiration date. In some cases, food has nasty smells when it goes bad such as milk and chicken, that might be another but yet unfortunate way to find out something is expirered.

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