Savings or Sustainability? What effects do fast fashion play in the world around us?

Living in the twenty-first century, it can feel as if everything moves a mile a minute. We save time by cooking minute rice instead of going through the process of boiling water, there are programs where we can have someone else pick up our groceries, and the attention span of most people is the shortest of all. Today I wanted to dive into another mile a minute phenomenon--fast fashion. An industry that seems like the perfect answer to all of our money saving, trend setting needs, but...what effect does fast fashion have on the world around us?

What is fast fashion? What is sustainability? Fast fashion is a production process where companies are able to mass produce inexpensive and (typically) poorly made clothes inspired by runway designs. These clothes are taken straight from celebrity styles, fashion shows, and magazines and are made quickly in an effort to keep up with current trends. The issue is there are no longer new "seasons" of trends four times a year--it's more like every week. This trend to trash idea for the sake of it being cheap is extremely detrimental to your wallet (in the long run), the environment, as well as the people who make these clothes for little money.

A few brands that are notorious for their bad production practices.
One of many factories used to produce clothing. Notice how cramped and crowded these stations are.
On April 24, 2013 more than 1,100 workers were killed after a building collapsed in the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh.
Families bring photos of their loved ones to the scene in hopes of finding them.
Protesters standing up to big brands and fighting for safer working conditions. Why weren't they safe in the first place?
The workers who make your clothes in foreign countries often times are not paid a living wage.
Celebrities and influencers promoting brands further fuel consumers to support these big brands. Collaborations, discount codes, and big sales are just a few ways companies get you to shop.

How can you combat this? Try to support brands that put an honest effort into manufacturing clothes sustainably. Though these brands may charge more for their clothes, you will be supporting companies who put our environment, their workers, and a quality product first. Check out the links below for some brands to check out!



This article is not meant to make anyone feel bad for their past choices in clothing but instead an article made to keep you informed. Know where your food, clothes, and other goods come from. Understand the impact your lifestyle may be having on those around you, as well as the environment, and try to implement small changes to make the world a better place. We can make a difference if we take on the challenge together!

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