Ruff Rentals OverSeas By Eric, Donovan, Claire, and , Dawson

We decided to expand our business to England

People love dogs. But, not everyone can own one, that is where Ruff Rentals comes in. Many people would love to play with one for an hour, or a day, but they don't want to deal with caring for that dog.


o Does the U.S. have a trade surplus (or deficit) with this country? Show the

numbers to support this.

9 months into 2016 the USA exports 42.125 million dollars of goods into the UK, while, they import about 40 million. Which, leaves the US with a trade surplus over 2 million dollars.

o The country’s largest export to the world would be Cars, Gold, Crude Petroleum!

Exports of England that are the main exports this country sends to other countries are Cars, Gold, Crude Petroleum

o Main imports of England that it depends on

Are there any trade barriers to discourage imports?

Main 3 imports, Machines, Vehicles, Electronics

Trade barriers

Non currently that would affect Ruff Rentals, but because of brexit things are probably going to change.

Capital, famous Cities and infrastructure

o The capital of the country is London

o The 3 largest cities in England would be Birmingham, London, Liverpool

o Englands infrastructure is alittle bit more advanced than the United States, for example they built theses before us (paved roads, airports, rail, lectricity, internet, etc) also 92.6% of the pop. uses the internet

Demographics and Employment

o What is this country’s population?


o What is the primary language spoken in this country? Is English spoken there?

English. Yes.

o What are the major occupations of the people?

Software developer, Data communications analyst, Consulting engineer, Information officer, Marketing officer

o What is the unemployment rate?



What is the traditional greeting in this country? (Handshake, hug, etc.) handshakes and hugs are most common

o List (or show) cultural identifiers of this country:

Dress- western dress, extremely similar to American

A big part of England is know for there food they tends to avoid strong flavors, normal meals include a roasted meat of some sort and do not eat as much junk and fatty foods, hints the reason why they dont have

Geography of our country are oceanic climate, low mountains, hills and forests, lots of urbanization

Art in England would be renaissance era inspired art around the country

Religions of England are Church of England, catholic, paganism

Culture and Business today

o What are some of their beliefs and ideals?

Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism, and Buddhism

o Are there obvious gender roles?

a man’s job is to earn money; a woman’s job is to look after the home and family

o Do they do not expect gifts before a business meeting

o Customs of England would be Houses, Leisure, Sports, Work, Family, Kinds of Shops, Food and Drink, Clothes, Music, Vacations, Money

Corporate Biography

o What multinational corporations have their headquarters in this country?

Rolls Royce, Virgin Airlines, British Airlines, Land Rover

o Choose one of the multinational corporations that you listed and give the

following information:

Corporate Culture – What do they believe in?

“Our success depends on our ability to create the technologies of the future and predict the needs of our customers. It’s also about having the right culture; one that empowers our people to be curious and challenge convention; one that is open minded and enables our people – and our business – to change with pace.

What good or service does this corporation produce?


In what other countries can this corporation be found?

The United States

Show a logo, advertisement or some other graphic representation of this corporation.


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