Good Life Tour of the Florida Museum of Natural History By: Shana dandinashira

Underwater Walk-through

Nature on Display: Throughout my visit at the museum, I decided that the Butterfly Rainforest was the most appealing to me. I could not stop picturing the tranquility and beauty that it illustrated through the bright colors an diverse structures of the butterflies. Each species of butterfly was different, some were constantly roaming around the exhibit while others stayed put on a leaves. I loved how the exhibit was designed, there was a peaceful waterfall in the center of the full circle that the trail enclosure made which tied the entire exhibit together. The exhibit captured my attention through that imminent serenity and uplifting atmosphere. I learned a lot of about how butterflies feed and the things that they like that I would not have been able to experience through another medium. This direct hands-on contact with the butterflies exemplified just how delicate they really are, similar to most people. I loved that I could see first hand all the attributes of a butterfly that symbolize multiple aspects in human life.

Butterfly Rainforest

Nature and Ethics: These images are of the underwater walk-through that displays many organisms such as fish, seahorses, and other underwater plants. I believe that, especially in Florida, underwater species are less appreciated in their value of beauty and more appreciated in their value of money, as a lot of Floridian business are related to aquatics. With this exhibit, I was able to experience this aspect of nature in a way that is difficult when just taking a trip to the beach. I felt empathy as I was walking over the bridge for people that cannot appreciate the awe-striking beauty that each organism emits. Others walked directly through this exhibit without taking the time to admire or even read the captions that describe each species. The museum allowed visitors to connect with the exhibits through interactive structures such as the bridge and the cave. Ultimately, I now feel more ethically responsible for promoting all species that are overlooked and aiding in the conservation of them.

Calusa Afterlife

Nature and the Human Spirit: The Calusa's are Native American people from the American southwest and these pieces of art depict what happens in their afterlife. This piece allowed me to discuss the existences of life after death and if eternal life does exist. It is very interesting to learn different perspectives of others on this topic from past times as I can use this knowledge to decipher what I want to believe. This information about the Calusa afterlife gives me the ability to better understand who I am and who I am aiming to become. This idea is similar to Siddhartha as he tested out many different beliefs throughout his search in finding enlightenment which led him to his one final happy place. The mystery and majesty of the world are all the new things that don't regularly fit into our daily lives but are still relevant and necessary to try in order to find one's true meaning and happiness.

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