Who Am I ? Diana sanchez

The Start

Ever since I started High school I saw that I was kind of lost. I was a pretty good student. I always did what I was told and stayed quiet. However during my sophomore year I realized everyone else already had in mind what they were going to do after this was all over and I didn't.

A helping hand

I have always liked helping others. It's something I have always been passionate about. It's something I know I'm gonna enjoy doing. But I always questioned how I could make a career out of helping others?

Where to start ?

At first I didn't know where to start exactly but realizing that I liked to help others gave me a good start. At this point I knew the best way to help people is through Nursing. You can help people get in better health.

My first step is to become a CNA through the CWI workforce program. I will take this program Spring 2018. I plan to work the rest of 2017 to save up money for college.

The Cost

The CNA program at CWI is $825.00 , just for the program. Not including books , scrubs etc. You must be 16+ to enroll in the program.

However Nampa School District offers some programs/classes that can lead you in this path way as well. And it wont put a dent in your pocket either. This is a good choice if u already know you want to do and you want to have a career in Nursing.

The Future

Currently the health industry is booming meaning there is a big need for people that work in the medical field. In many studies they state the there will be a increase up to 17% of CNA's, Nurses aids and orderlies here in the U.S

Here in Idaho the starting wage for a CNA is $11.00. And they make around $20,000 annually.

The first step

This will be my first step in my future. But I will not stop there , sometime in the future I hope to be a registered nurse and specialize in pediatrics , If that doesn't work out I also am leaning to be a social worker.

Where ever life takes me, I hope In the future I do find something where I enjoy doing what I love , helping others.

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