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Nature on Display: The Big Blue Sea.

The ocean exhibit at the Natural History Museum was the most interactive for me. A little seaweed path leads you through the depths of the ocean. Whether it's the ambiance, the giant fish and crab, or the gentle ocean sounds, you really do feel like you're underwater. I have always thought of the ocean as another world; full of life and wonders, and so much of it has yet to be discovered.

Nature and Ethics: Butterfly Rainforest.

As you cross through the turbulent interior doors and out into the vast butterfly exhibit, you are overwhelmed with it's tropical beauty. The butterflies flutter and dance around you while you are in awe of their presence. The workers warn you not to touch them, as their beautiful scales cannot be regrown once damaged. The delicacy of a butterfly reminds me of how vulnerable our environment really is. That's why when Leopold says to "Love, respect, and admire the land," I take it to heart. We must conserve and cherish nature, not overpower it.

Nature and the Human Spirit: Evolution.

As I meandered through the exhibits, the ones that really made me stop to think we're the ones about our evolutionary process and the extinct species. Some of these species to peculiar and massive that it's hard to imagine that they ever actually roamed this Earth once upon a time. For me, these collective exhibits make me ponder on our very existence: How did we get there? How can we ensure that some of our current species will prosper? What's in store for us in the future?
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