Perspectives on Race By Joe Chase

Welcome to perspectives on race part of the project. To start off, please go to one of the three designated tables and follow the directions on the table. If all the desks are full, wait until the people in front of you are done.

Yes, you heard it right, race is just something created by society

Race all started with eugenics. The eugenics movement was when scientists tried to prove race was genetic. During this period, scientists did tests on people of other races and made racists laws against other races for example a black person could not marry a white person.

While eugenics was a mistake, we learned from our mistakes and now we can move on from a time of error to a new time with new ideas.

In America, Muslims are listed as white? Most Americans do not know that.

There is no evidence that race is genetic

There is a word for people that fear Muslims; xenophobia

Many people attack Muslims just because they are Muslims. They don't know the person and they are completely innocent, but they get attacked just for being Muslim. Here's a video about a Muslim police officer who's son was attacked, and when she tried to help she was attacked.

People of all races have been under fire for years in America. From Native Americans when the pilgrims came to Afgans now, Americans have always attacked innocent People. This must stop now. We must treat everyone equal. We must use the one rule that we used in elementary school, the golden rule: treat everyone how you would want to be treated.

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