december 2017

Volume 2, Number 12

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

A portrait is not a likeness. The moment an emotion or fact is transformed into a photograph it is no longer a fact but an opinion. There is no such thing as inaccuracy in a photograph. All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth―Richard Avedon


Drema Swader

As we wind up the year it is time to look back and reflect. Has your photography improved this year? If so, how has being a member of Darkroomers helped? Was it the monthly critique? Having an impartial judge assess your image can be difficult at first, but there is no faster way to help you improve your photography than having an experienced photographer point out the pros and cons of your image. Pointing out simple mistakes can change the way you shoot next time, or how you process the image to present what you saw through the viewfinder which caused you to shoot the image in the first place.

Or perhaps it is the photography outings. Going out and shooting with other experienced photographers and searching for those "wow" moments can certainly advance your photography. Seeing a variety of ways to shoot something can help you improve and can spur creativity. Perhaps you got some tips from fellow photographers that you have put into your bag of tricks.

Another advantage of being a member of Darkroomers is the down time to socialize with like minded photographers. I'm hoping the change this year to add a social half-hour before our meetings has given you a chance to connect with others with whom you have so much in common. Having time to socialize with other photographers can provide the opportunity to seek out answers to questions you might have.

How did you mat that photo that way? Where do you print your images? How do you soft proof your images before printing? What is a printer profile and how do I use it?

Now comes time to set goals for next year. I recommended in July that you practice, practice, practice. Spend some time studying your favorite photographers. And spend some time discussing and catching up with some of the latest techniques. And to all the members of Darkroomers, I wish each of you success in the coming year, and may you always capture the shot.

● ● ●

election update

Darkroomers has its annual Election of Officers at the first regular meeting in December and new officers take office on January 1st. The nominating of officers, however, takes place during the last regular meeting in November with additional nominations being made from the floor on election night.

● ● ●

2017 was the second year in succession that the nominations took place during a 5th Wednesday meeting and attendance was down sharply over last year which indicates that either our election process needs to change or nominations should only take place during well attended meetings. Like during the summer months.

Nearly the entire executive committee is stepping away from their duties at the end of the year leaving the club vulnerable. The lack of interest in in the club has been further complicated by a lack of interest by the membership to step into leadership roles. So much so that we may be forced to shutter or reduce the scope of the club significantly.

Having exclusive gallery space to show our work is an invaluable commodity that we should not take for granted

● ● ●


  • President: Jeffry Booher
  • Vice President: no nominee
  • Secretary: Ruth Foelber
  • Treasurer: Terri Thompson

● ● ●

Jeff was nominated for both President and Vice President so he decided to withdraw his nomination for Vice President which means we need someone to step up and be Vice President next year. The office of Vice President is one of the most important jobs in the club. Its primary responsibility is to coordinate judges each month. If someone doesn't come forward to be nominated at the next meeting then the office will be filled next year as a vacancy appointment by the President.

● ● ●

Ruth Foelber was to be nominated for Secretary but someone, name withheld, nominated Judy Tillson by mistake. The process for nominations was not properly followed so Judy was entered into the record but later stricken from the record when the mistake was realized post-facto. Ruth graciously accepted our apologies and nomination via email so she will be on the December ballot.

● ● ●

Every year we have elections yet seem to forget how the nominating process works. The nominating process works very much like the one of the major political parties' Presidential Nominating process.

  1. The chairman opens the floor for nominations.
  2. A member nominates a member to an office.
  3. The chairman recognizes the nominee.
  4. The nominee accepts or declines the nomination.
  5. The chairman recognizes the nomination and the nomination is recorded.

Luckily this year there were only 4 offices to nominate instead of the 9 we used to nominate.

● ● ●


Side View by Dave Poplawski

If you haven't been to a meeting in a while then you may not be aware that each year Darkroomers has an annual competition for its members. The competition takes place on the second Saturday in January and is juried by a panel of 3 judges―much like many major competitions. While there will be many categories in which you can enter and win awards, there will also be a Best in Show prize awarded by the panel whose image will hang in our Foyer Gallery for most of 2018.

The competition dates back to the 1930's and was a contributing event to the Scott Watson annual salon (among other salons that were held in the park) and eventually made its way to become what is now known as the International Exhibition of Photography at the San Diego County Fair.

The photographer inside you says you must enter this competition...

If you plan to enter your work into the San Diego County Fair's Exhibition of Photography next year then this is a good place to see how your work will perform at the big event before shelling out the big money to enter.

Your work must have been submitted and accepted to a Darkroomers monthly exhibition to be eligible for entry. See the complete rules for details.

● ● ●

● ● ●

The entry process is much like the San Diego County Fair's Exhibition of Photography Submission process―Enter electronically. Submit in person.

Year End Competition entry form submissions will again take place on our website. Just fill in a few fields and upload the image you want to enter and submit. You may want to use a browser like Google Chrome which stores some of the redundant information so it can auto-fill those that information for you.

Once your entry form has been submitted you will see a Thank You screen with a link to your submission receipt. You will also receive a confirmation email which will have your submission receipt.

Confirmation emails may take several hours to arrive but you can always download the submission receipt PDF immediately which will have the information confirming your submission

If you need assistance send an email to submissions@darkroomers.com. Please attach a copy of your submission receipt or include the Submission ID in the body of the message so that we can easily locate your submission in the submission database.

● ● ●

Your image submission must be a full-resolution, high-quality JPEG―following the same entry guidelines that are used for the monthly Interclub Competition. If your image is chosen for Best in Show, it will compete for the Nelson award―which takes place at the Interclub End of Year Competition in March. Having the full-resolution image to submit on your behalf ready to go in February is essentially and this makes the process easy. We will use lower-resolution, watermarked versions of your electronic submission on our website, in the newsletter and in social media as well.

● ● ●

All prints must be received by January 4th―so you will be required to bring your prints to the January 3rd meeting for print submission. This is a formal process so be prepared for some entry forms and tagging of images for the competition.

If your are unable to make the January 3rd Meeting then you must make arrangements with someone to bring your images to the meeting on your behalf.

If you plan to make changes to your images based on judges' feedback from the program year then you should wait until you have finished making your changes before entering. Your entry could be disqualified if the print does not match the JPEG that was entered.

● ● ●


You may enter up to 10 images in any of the following 8 categories.

  • Waterscapes Images depicting a water scene.
  • Landscapes Images depicting vast open spaces.
  • Wildlife Images depicting wildlife but not necessary in a natural setting. Images may include man-made objects as long as the primary subject is wildlife.
  • Wildlife:Birds Wildlife Photography with a special interest in birds including waterfowl, birds in flight, poultry, hummingbirds and domesticated birds. Images may include man-made objects as long as the primary subject is a bird or birds.
  • Monochrome Any subject matter but the entire image is reproduced monochromatically; images may be sepia toned (or grayscale toned using a single color.)
  • People Images depicting people as the primary subject.
  • Documentary Photojournalism or street photography; images which convey a strong story with emotional impact.
  • Other Images which do not fall into any other category (macro photography, digital illustration, etc…)

● ● ●

To begin the entry process go to the entry form by clicking the button below. You will upload one image at a time for competition.

● ● ●


Each year our elaborate Year End Competition requires a crew of about 8 people to work the system so we need volunteers to help run the event. There are a lot of moving parts and it requires some heavy lifting, some moving and a whole lotta shakin. So please take some time out of your busy calendar to help us out on January 13th from 12-4.

We also are cleaning the building the morning of the event so we need a small crew of about 6 volunteers to come clean the building to make it look nice for the judges.

  • 2 Curators (the guys that wear the white gloves to show the work); also known as Print Handlers
  • 1 Technical Scorer (the guy that reads back the score from entered by the judges into the computer)
  • 2 Scorekeepers - the people write down the score for each entry
  • 1 Referee - someone who oversees the event and challenges any discrepancies in the scoring.
  • 1 Runner
  • 1 Scoring Assistant
  • 1 Score Reviewer

● ● ●

● ● ●


  1. 9am Cleaning Crew Arrives to clean the building. Donuts and Coffee are provided. This will also be the incoming President's inaugural cleaning of the toilets.
  2. 11am Competition Staff Briefing
  3. 12pm Welcome reception for judges. Drinks and a lunch platter is provided for the crew and judges
  4. 12:30pm Judges' Briefing
  5. 1-4pm Competition

● ● ●

key dates

  • December 1st―Call for Entries
  • December 20th―Last Monthly Exhibition of the Year
  • December 31st―Last Day to Enter; Entries Close at 11:59P PST
  • January 3rd―Print Submissions 7P
  • January 4th―All Entries are Final
  • January 13th―Year End Competition at 1P
  • January 24th―Year End Awards Dinner and Awards Ceremony 6P

● ● ●

program news

The 2018 Programming Committee will be meeting in December to discuss what programs are on the agenda for next year. The committee will be planning programs for the year and those who sign up to be on the committee are volunteering to find speakers, design curriculum and lead trips. Some of the things that the committee will be deciding:

  • Weekend Workshop Series workshops. These are held the second Saturdays of the even months of the year.
  • Darkroomers On Location trips. These are held on a Saturday during the odd months but we do occasionally have on-off On Location shoots that popup like our Darkroomers On Safari trip or Darkroomers At the Zoo.
  • Darkroomers After Dark. These are our newly branded overnight trips that we try to take twice yearly.
  • Monthly Programs. Held the first Wednesday of the Month.
  • Quarterly Competition themes.

● ● ●


Near the middle of November, Darkroomers sent out a survey to the membership to help gauge interest in various programs for next year. If you have yet to take the survey, now is a good time to sit down with the family and fill go over your answers before they send the survey teams out into the field. It takes just a few minutes and you volunteer to serve on the 2018 Programming Committee on the survey!

You have until December 15th to complete the survey.

● ● ●


club news

The 2018 Membership Drive is in full swing. All members must fill out a 2018 Membership Application and submit it along with their membership dues of $45. Membership Applications must be received by December 31st. The online form can be filled-in using your computer and printed to make it easier--just fill it in, print and sign the completed form then bring it with you to the next club meeting along with a check for $45 made payable to Darkroomers.

If you are planning to be an officer in 2018 then you must pay your due prior to the December 6th meeting.

● ● ●

7 minute abs

We are trying out the premium features of Adobe Spark Page this month and adding our own logo and branding, links to Facebook. The premium features also removes the Adobe Branding.

● ● ●


Please mind the blue bins by placing only recyclables here. Dumping of food waste, paper plates, eating utensils and other non-recyclable materials in the recycle bins makes Darkroomers look bad―Management

● ● ●

history repeats itself

December is history month at the Photographic Arts Building and Darkroomers is showing some of its most interesting prints--found deep in the bowels of our archives. So grab a shrimp cocktail and hobnob with the Jones' as you take in a deep breath of culture and history.

● ● ●


The last Interclub Competition of the year was rescheduled due to Thanksgiving so it was held on November 28th. Darkroomers did not finish so well, bringing home only 2 honorable mentions for the evening. We managed to finish out the year dead last with 2194 points--a mere 27 points behind Fallbrook. This is the first time since the competition's inception that Darkroomers has finished in last place. Here are the final results for the year for all four clubs:

  1. Poly 2296
  2. Photonaturalists 2285
  3. Fallbrook 2221
  4. Darkroomers 2194

● ● ●

Darkroomers brought home 2 Honorable Mentions for September/October

● ● ●


The final Quarterly Competition for 2017 was held with a lackluster showing and only a smattering of Darkroomers in attendance. The few members who managed to drag their prints of Bottles into the building quickly found that there was No Deposit and No Return as Angie Crompton stole the show.

Leala Hewak stopped in to talk about her work as a photographer of the strangeness she sees in everyday life

Most of those in attendance watched Nat Geo's documentary, Through the Lens, which was excellent.


Congratulations to all winning entries

● ● ●

● ● ●

Congratulations to our 2017 Winner, Angie Crompton

Angie will have her name engraved in both the Pitt Warner and Harris Wallace trophies for being the sole winner of the color and monochrome divisions of our quarterly competition.

● ● ●


Joanne Stolte

We are very fortunate to have Joanne Stolte as our Judge for December.

Since 1998, Joanne has been deeply involved in regional photographic clubs. She is a member of Exploring Light, a former President of the Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (S4C) from 2002 to 2009, and has been General Chair of the S4C International Exhibition since 2001. For her extensive service to S4C, she was awarded an Honorable S4C in 2008. Joanne received the Artiste distinction (AFIAP) in 2008 and the Excellence distinction (EFIAP) in 2013 from the Federation Internationale de L'art Photographique. She is a respected international judge and has juried the Welsh and the Great British Small Print Circuits, Fotoferia, PSA China, Polish, the Holland Circuit, Gia Dinh (Vietnam), and AC-FOTO German Mega Circuit.

She lives in Glendora, where she formerly served as Vice President of the Glendora Color Slide Group; and is a member of the Pomona Valley Camera Club. She is General Chair of the S4C International Exhibition and she is very active in the Photographic Society of America.

● ● ●

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