Tiny Gladiators Review A fun 2017 battle game

This is the main screen. The top button allows you to continue the monstrous campaign, while you can also play PVP and Survival. Overall, a very intuitive interface.

This is a screenshot of the campaign map. You just click on the level to start. Easy enough.


So many levels!

An in-battle screenshot. Controls are easy to learn. You can jump, attack, and use special abilities. Some abilities are good, while others are bland and boring. Most battles are intense and difficult.

You can improve your stats (HP and damage) by getting new items. You cna store and sell old items. There are many rarities and varieties of items, and they are fun to collect. You buy chests to get random items, and some chests are better than others, as shown below.

PVP is immersive and nice. You can progress up the leagues, beating other players along the way. You can earn gold and XP from playing matches.

This is survival tower. It can be fun, but it's not very creative. You just fight opponents until you die, earning rewards along the way. It gets boring faster than campaign or PVP.

As a conclusion, Tiny Gladiators is a fun game overall. It has a huge campaign and a fun PVP mode. Although Survival mode isn't great, the game is still a solid 8/10.

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