The Indus River The place where anything is possible

Welcome to the Indus River Valley, the place where life is enjoyable and you actually have time to relax.

The Indus River is west of the Himalayan Mountains. It start in these mountains and ends in present day Pakistan.


1) The Himalayan Mountains provide fresh water from the snow that melts into the river. This means that you will have pure water to drink and stay healthy.

2) The Indus River Valley contains some of the best farmland in the world. The Indus River carries silt from the mountains to the plains. The silt leaves the surrounding soil rich and fertile.If you move here, you will not only have the best farmland, but the best crops, too. Healthy crops leads to healthy people.

3) Towns along the Indus River receive about 5-20 inches of water a year and the heaviest rains fall between June and October. Temperatures in the Indus River Valley range from 65°F to 90°F. Good weather means enjoyable work.

4) We also have an advanced sewer system! In the Indus River Valley, doing your business is a much more positive experience!

5) Guess what? We also have games! Your children will be very excited when they hear this. In fact, we are so advanced that we actually have time to play!

So, what do you think? Isn't the Indus river a perfect place to live? Pack your bags now!

Thanks For Watching!


Created with images by സഞ്ജു | Sanju - "NaTureScapes..." • wildxplorer - "Postcard from Ladakh" • Praveen Selvam - "Indus river" • shahbasharat - "Indus river, Ladakh Kashmir" • Umair Mohsin - "The Original Silk Route"

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