Eli's Number the Stars book Diary By Eli


I think war is where they kill one another. You can smell the smoke from all the canons and gunshots.You can see blood and bodies

I think they felt like they had to win or so many lives die and the family's of this time probably were scared for their lives.


I think that neighbors can be friends.I think that you can just live at your house and never talk to your neighbors.

I would respond by helping them and taking them to the hospital if needed. That's how I would be nice person.

number the stars

I think number the stars will be about a girt that lives during the war.She is very scared but she likes the stars that's her hobby.

literary analysis

Annnemarie was thinking back to those moments when her dad said he would die to protect the people. At the the end of chapter three she was aknowledging how crazy her live has become

Annemarie was scared and did not know what was going to happen to her at the end of chapter three. At the end of chapter five she is almost exited she gets to go spend time with her unkles housre

I think

It think it would be guards are everywhere, they would be in the streets with there huge gun.You would not want to say anything bad or they will arrest you our worst.The guards could do anything the want and nobody can't stop them cause they have weapons and power.

I think Annemaries mom means that fit in to be as one of the people around you,so dont get into any trouble.

She said it cause she did not want annemarie to be caught by the soldgers.

I think mama said it cause she wanted annemarie to do whats nesscary but stay safe.


We just read chapter two and it was about the lady who botton shop wasn't there. Then Pete came to there house to warn them about the guards. I think that this family will break the rules.They will be sent to a bad place and it will be there adventure on escaping .This is for chapter 3.

Inge took a trip to the harbor he is doing it undercover. I think he is going to get caught by the soldiers, and he is going to crack he's not gonna crack under pressure under pressure.I think that he is going to be questioned and he is going to deny it the soldiers are going to kill him cause he won't tell them why he is really at the harbor.


man vs man

annemaries parents were trying to figure out who would go to uncle henrik's house,the mom ending up going.

annemaries parents learned that when they ever went some where far their needs a person to stay back so the soldiers wont get suspisus.

this is a conflict cause they are fighting who should go to uncle henriks house.

man vs nature

Annemarie's mom was running home when she fell on a tree and broke her ankle.

This taught Annemarie's mom that you have to be careful and make sure your being careful while you walk.

I know this is conflict cause tree is from nature and she tripped over a tree.

man vs self

Ellen was worried where her parents were,she wanted them to be safe and come back alive. She couldn't get over her parents where abouts, that made her mad.

Ellen learned that if you let everything work out everything will be fine. She also probably learned never to disrespectful to her parents cause she does not know when last time she will see her parents.

I know its this kind of conflict cause Ellen is fighting her self as she gets worried,sad,and mad when she doesn't know where her parents are.

man vs society

Annemarie sister lise and peter were part of the resistance group,the resistance group was a group that would sneak jew out of denmark, they would do it and not many british soldiers knew about it.

I know this is a type of conflict cause lise and peter were secretly getting jews out of denmark without the soldiers knowing.



Family can be than more then just the people you live with,they can also be friends .family can be the only people you tell your emotions to.

In this book a huge thing in this story is family,to stay alive, strong, and happy is if this family did not stay together and the solderers would of killed them.

In the beginnig of the book they stuck together whenthe girls were stoped by the nazis in the begining they all stuk together and never let anyone get hurt. At the end of the book they stayed together as the nazis were trying to look for Ellens family, they were all down about what was happining but they stuck together and stayed alive.

vocabulary words


"She was a stocky ten-year-old, unlike lanky Annemarie." {page 1)

Based on this sentence, these words are comparing the girls.


Wait for me! wailed little Kirsti wailed little Kirsti,left behind,but the two older girls weren't listening.

In this sentence wailed means that Kirsti was yelling cause she did not wanna be left behind, so she yelled so she could be heard.

Wailed means a sound of suffering.


Three years they've been in are country, and still can't speak English.

in this sentence contempt means Annemarie was surprised, and could not figure out why the Nazis could not speak English.


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