1960's Protest Music Bring 'EM Home

1) Who is the artist?: Pete Seeger

2) What is the name of the song?: Bring 'em Home

3)When was it recorded/released?: Written in 1965, it was recorded and released in 1966

4)What other famous songs(if any) does Pete Seeger sing?: If I Had a Hammer, Where Have All the Flowers Gone, Midnight Special, What Did You Learn In School Today, Little Boxes, Turn Turn, etc.

5) “Bring them home” - this is the main message in the song explaining how the American soldiers should return home

“Support our boys in Vietnam” - they’re fighting over there, but we should be fighting for them to return

Repetition: Bring them home" -This is the main message of the song; the idea is to bring the American soldiers home. By using repetition, the main idea gets stuck in peoples' heads

"If you love your Uncle Sam" -If one is patriotic and loves America, they should want to support their fellow citizens.

Internal Rhyme:"For defense, you need common sense" -One has to be smart while fighting in a war.

6) How do they relate to or reflect the time period?: Pete Seeger sang an upbeat song that encouraged the population to support the US soldiers in Vietnam and "Bring them home". He says that they should be FIGHTING for the soldiers to come home while they FIGHT for our country.

7) What was taking place in history when the song was recorded or popular?: The Vietnam war was occurring and US were being deported.

8) What was the overall message and inspiration of the lyrics of the song?: Pete Seeger influences listeners that we must be the support system that will FIGHT to "bring" our soldiers home from Vietnam . He inspires listeners to understand the idea of a patriotic America being united. Basically, it is a song to protest against the war and rally the youth in favor of their troops.

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