Hestia's Hot Hearth family-owned pizza shop

We at Hestia's Hot Hearth believe that families can be brought together over good, oven fired pizza.
Hestia's Hot Hearth is the best restaurant around because of our family friendly enviroment, complete with a hearth in the center of our restaurant that makes it feel like home.
Our motto here is: an open heart and an open hearth make the best food.

My employees are happy to serve you:

My mom, Rhea is my co-chef.

Hera, my sister, is the manager.

Demeter, also my sister, takes care of the garden and feeds the donkeys and pigs we have in the back (our very own petting zoo!)

The Nine Muses are my waitresses.

I tend the hearth.

And of course, our flower arrangements are done by Persephone, the goddess of spring.

In addition to cheese pizza, we also have, in honor of the Olympians,

Zeus’ King of the Universe Pizza (mega size)

Hera's Queen of the Universe Pizza (choose your own toppings: 99¢ each!)

Poseidon’s Fish Filet Pizza

Demeter’s Whole Wheat Pizza

Athena’s Brain Pizza (contains tree nuts/seeds)

Apollo’s HOT HOT HOT pizza (extra crispy)

Artemis’ Herb Special Pizza (contains oregano, basil, rosemary and thyme)

Ares' Meat Lover's Pizza (no pork or bacon)

Aphrodite's lover pizza (heart shaped)

Hermes’ Jalapeno pizza

Now open in all Greek Cities!

Come to Hestia's Hot Hearth!

Where your family is our family


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