10 things to know about me Maria castilLo

Friends and Family in Cuba

My name is Maria. l am 13 years old. I'm in middle school.

I"m from Cuba

All my family and friends are in Cuba. They are the people I love so much! I lived in Santi Spiritus in Cuba. I left Cuba in 2014. It was difficult leaving my country to come to the United States.

My family

I have one brother and one sister. My mom and dad have been married for 24 years. My sister has a son who is 2 months old.

I love soccer

My favorite soccer player is Messi. He is the best in the world! He won the golden ball 5 times.

I like to going to Cuba on vacation

I like going to Cuba on vacation because I have fun with friends and family. I went to Cuba for Spring Break 2017.

My favorite food is Cuban food

My favorite food is Cuba food because it is from my culture and it has good flavor.

Mi favorite colors are red and green

My favorite colors are green and red.

I like green because it's the color of nature. I like the color red because it is the color of love ❤

I like to go to the pool

I like going to the pool with friends to swim and play. When I am swimming in the pool it reminds me of my time swimming in the waters of Cuba.

My favorite pet

My favorite animal is the dog. I like dogs because they know a lot and they like to play. Dogs are loyal to their owners and will protect them always.

Thank you for taking the time to read my photo story. I hope you learned more about who I am!


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