Kingdoms Of Living Things Grace evans


Prokaryotic - they lack membrane bound nucleus and organelles

Some are autoptrophic (both photosynthesis and chemosynthesis) and some are heterotrophic

Microscopic and unicellular

The oldest life form in the earth (3.5 billion years old)

A few hundred species (the smallest kingdom)

Live in extreme environments that are oxygen free. (Swamps, deep sea vents, sea water, and evaporating ponds)



Some are autotrophic and some are heterotrophic

Microscopic and unicellular

10,000 different species of bacteria

Nitrogen fixation

78% of the atmosphere is nitrogen

Bacteria has enzymes that convert the atmospheric nitrogen into nitrates that plants can use from the soil

Decomposing bacteria - Recycle nutrients from dead and decaying organisms

Some foods and medicines are made from bacteria


Eukaryotic- membrane bound nucleus and organelles

Unicellular and multicellular

Some are autotrophic and heterotrophic

Lives in moist environments

Example is the Paramecium- lives in water and kelp

Protozoans - animal-like protists, unicellular, heterotrophic, reproduce either asexually and sexually



Unicellular or multicellular

Sessile - they do not move from place to place

Heterotrophic - They absorb nutrients from their surrounding environments

100,000 species (example is the mushroom)



Multicellular and photosynthetic

Nearly all are mobile - able to move from place to place

Cells organized into tissues, organs and organ systems

Sessile - they do not move from place to place

Examples : mosses, ferns, evergreens, flowering plants, and deciduous trees.



Multicellular and heterotrophic

Nearly all are able to move

Cells organized into tissues p, organs and organ systems

Symmetry - a balance in proportions of an object or organism. Used in classifying animals.


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