Athena. Presention by: adreanna s. Domizio

Facts About Athena

Athena was a Goddess. She was the Goddess of war and wisdom. She was also the the daughter of Zeus and his most favorited child. She is known for protecting civilized life and being the Goddess of the city.

Athenas weaknesses

Although Athena had many many strengths she also had weaknesses. One of those weaknesses are how Athena had lacked of compassion. She was out of touch with her emotions and was too ruled by intellect. Another weakness of Athenas Is how she was connected to war, which is odd because Athena is a good peacemaker.

Athenas strengths

This is a real statue of Athena in Greece.

Athena was a very strong Goddess. Therefore she has a lot of strengths. She developed a very strong passion for agriculture, navigation, spinning, weaving and needlework. Athena spent a lot of her time on arts and crafts, which is a strength because she was good at it. Another strength of Athena's is how she always focused on strategy instead of bloodshed.

Athena's family

This is Athena's family Tree
  • Grandfather: kronus
  • Grandmother: Rhea
  • Father: Zeus
  • Mother: Metis
  • Uncle 1: Poseidon
  • Aunt 1: Demeter
  • Uncle 2: Hades
  • Aunt 2/ stepmother: Hera
  • Aunt 3: Hestia
  • Cousin: Aphrodite
  • Half brother 1: Hermes
  • Half brother 2: Hephaestus
  • Half sister: Artemis
  • Half brother 3: Apallo

This will conclude my presentation of the Greek Goddess Athena. Thank you for watching.


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