Epic Hero Archetype Traits Project BY: Ramon Armendariz

An epic hero should always have three key core archetypess. The first core archetype of any hero should be there bravery. Not only is a hero going out into society to defend them. The hero always puts there life on the line to save thousands. The second archetype a epic hero should have is being simpathetic. A hero should care for themselves but also for society. The third archetype would be selflessness. Not only does the hero fight for the great or good they choose to fight for the people and not always for themselves first.

Batman and Odysseus traits are very similar because Odysseus intelligence and batman intelligence were extreamly high. They both thought outside the box. They're also extreamly strong make them really good at combat. And both Batman and Odysseus goals are to lead themselves to victory.


So now that you get to analyze who these people are, there role as a hero was not to save a damsle or one person. But an army and a city.

Batman's city Gotham

Both people had someone to save and they risked there lives doing so

Odysseus army

Both people couldn't have played the same role because they were characterized to fit their own role. Batman isn't all that dark nor is Odysseus. But they could be in seconds to win a battle

Batman has changed my life for the better. He never shows fear because he is fear himself. He shows to care about all people in his city who are in need. And I look up to him because of that.
Created By
Ramon Armendariz


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