Glen Gair Owners Team – Coordinator Application

Hi, I'm Glen! Sorry to scare you with the close up of the fuzzy face on the right, but I thought, since this is an application for a company that places an emphasis on digital marketing, I would demonstrate my skillset through a digital application. Included will be my CV, cover letter and examples of my work with explanations as to how and why each project was produced. My contact details can be found at the end of the application. Hope you enjoy!




I was delighted to discover your job advert online yesterday, and I am truly excited by the prospect of working for you. I am indeed an avid watcher of shows like Grand Designs, Escape to the Country, A Place in the Sun, but the biggest draw for me to the role is that you're a company that values digital marketing as well as being based in this beautiful part of the world (I reside near Newcastle Emlyn), which is incredibly rare as far as job opportunities go.

My belief is that this is a role that I could excel at - one that I would be immensely determined to succeed in, as well as a role that could eventually allow me to offer more than your company expects in return (e.g. maybe a helpful source for cottage owners struggling to create professional digital content). I pride myself on being a helpful and kind person, always a willing learner, and hopefully over the course of this application I can convince you that I could be a good fit for your team.

During this past year, I have been working as a freelance Digital Content Creator which has largely involved producing marketing materials (videos, product photography, motion graphics etc.) and social media strategies for small rural based businesses. This has given me a great experience in developing positive working relationships with clients and has taught me how to tailor products to a variety of consumers. My primary goal was to take a year out to re-tool myself for more digitally based vacancies based in exciting environments such as this one. It was also important for me to develop a portfolio that included professional content, and not just work from my time at University.

Less than four years ago, I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Film and Media Studies from the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David. As part of this degree, I completed several modules with a focus on utilising social media including Journalism, Creative Computing, and Digital Media in Practice. I regularly use Adobe Creative and Design applications to a professional standard, along with Microsoft Office. I often use SEO tools like Google Analytics and platform based analytical apps to develop marketing plans, along with using sites like Wordpress to create and edit websites and blogs.

Through my time working on an audience based Channel 4 TV show, I gained valuable customer service experience on a national scale. In particular, the role involved a lot of varied communication with several key departments and customers. I would help organise an average audience size of 100+ people for each recording, often filming four shows a day. My involvement would include organising travel and hotel itineraries, ticket allocations, seating arrangement and greeting them upon arrival ensuring they were well and enjoying their day. I would also juggle many other duties including being a PA to the talent, auditioning and photographing contestants, and looking after VIPs amongst many other tasks too.

I am also a very organised person and believe I am incredibly apt at managing information. When I briefly worked as an Administrator for a local TV station in Norwich – Mustard TV, the role involved various duties that required a strong base of communication and organisation, notably acting as PA to the Managing Director and being a Production Assistant. I restructured their production guidelines and implemented new digital systems for a more organised working environment. During my time there, I worked on a national documentary as a Production Coordinator. This involved scheduling crew and interviews, locations needed to be scouted and cleared for filming, voice over artists needed to be booked, equipment needed to be checked and scheduled for use, health and safety checks were required and itineraries needed to be created for each individual crew member.

In addition to all of the previous, I am first-aid trained until October 2017 and I have a full clean driving license.

I am hugely enthused by the prospect of working for you so please feel free to get in touch with any questions you might have. My contact details can be found at the end of the application.

Many Thanks,




Objective: Create a video specifically for their website.

Software: Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, & Adobe Premiere Pro.

Equipment: Canon 600D.

Description: My client Jo, she wanted a video tour of her holiday let for prospective guests. Her words were, "please make something that keeps the attention of my children and makes the house seem comfortable and used." In other words, I had to make it as appealing for families as possible. I only had one day to film in an empty house and to capture the surroundings, with no budget and a fast delivery date. I was conscious that a lot of property videos lack warmth, largely because the property is empty and because videographers tend to use smooth sweeping dolly shots to emphasise a clean and stylish space. For me, I needed to take a far different look, so I decided to adopt a similar approach to any property tour but shoot it as a stop motion, allowing me to manipulate the surroundings to make the interiors come alive and give the video a more personal DIY touch. It has a nice easy narrative for all ages to enjoy. Technically speaking, from memory at least, the video comprises of around 2,000 photos, all batch edited in Adobe Lightroom with the majority of the video edited in Adobe Premiere Pro. Jo and her kids loved the video and it will appearing on several online property magazines early next year.

To supplement the video, I also made the following using Jo's leaflets. I scanned both sides of the leaflet and animated it in Adobe AfterEffects. In order for it to be easily used for their Twitter account, I edited it under 30 seconds so it could be directly uploaded and automatically played.


Objective: Create a Facebook profile video & produce a social media campaign to increase print sales and workshop attendances.

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe Photoshop

Equipment: Canon 600D & GoPro Hero Black 4

Description: The video is purely designed to profile Helen as an artist, laying out a description of her creative process, allowing for an insight for customers new and old, but also a way of highlighting the products available. Again, like with all my work, this was a low/zero budget afternoon shoot. The artistic process can be a long one so I focused on the main stages of her paintings, as described in her book, and utilised techniques such as time lapses to add interest. It's all edited to a genre of music that Helen believes helped inspire her style of work - e.g. the use of vibrant colours. I persuaded her to upload the video directly to Facebook rather than link a Vimeo or YouTube version because, despite a loss of quality, by doing this it will automatically play meaning users will, even if it is only subconsciously, interact or view the video.

In regards to producing a social media campaign to increase Helen's print sales and workshop attendances in 2017, I came up with the following strategy.

For one month only, Helen will have a blank canvas in her studio. Every visitor gets 20 seconds to paint on the canvas with a fast drying acrylic paint. Part of Helen's painting process is to not over think what you are painting, thus the time limit is there to encourage an impulsive creative reaction. Also, part of Helen's process when producing her art is to layer acrylic paints. This is then designed as a basic introduction to the method of painting that she teaches. Once the month is over, Helen will then complete the painting with professional finishes. The original painting will be auctioned off to charity and a limited number of prints will be made and sold with the likely buyers being the visitors that contributed to the painting.

So through doing this and having visitors/customers interacting with her art, Helen should be introducing her simple creative methods and encouraging people to learn more by attending her workshops. Contributors to the painting will be more like to purchase the print and will re-visit her gallery or will go through her online store to make the purchase, by doing so increasing the likelihood of purchasing other products.

Now by documenting this through her Twitter and Facebook accounts, she will increase the amount of content available to use and drive. Utilising the hashtag #creativeyou (a play on the name of her workshops and book - 'Creative Me'), with permission from those taking part, Helen can release photos or short videos of participants with their contributions to the painting, updates of the progress, hints/tips (preferably on an image) shared to enlighten people of her approach to paintings, dates of workshops and availability and so on.

Below is an insight into one of Helen's workshops.



Example of a short video to be uploaded to social media accounts.

GIF version - lower quality but uploads and shares faster than a video due to its smaller file size. Despite being popular since the beginning of the internet, I suspect Cinemagraphs will eventually replace them.


Software: Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe AfterEffects


Software: Adobe Lightroom

Light painting with neon lights. Shot using a Canon 600D and 11mm Tokina lens. Captured at night with a long exposure.

Photographed a bumblebee with a Canon 600D and Sigma 105mm Macro lens. A fast shutter speed helps capture fast movements and the low aperture provide a shallow depth of field.

Shot on a Panasonic DMC GH4 on the Brecon Beacons. The fairly low shutter speed and mid-range aperture allow for sharp image and a deep depth of field.

Shot on a Canon 600D with the macro lens. The 18 megapixel camera allows for a greater range of colour as oppose to the GH4 which I used for the previous photo.

Again, taken with the 600D and macro lens. It was very windy and overcast day, and with such tricky elements in place you have to adjust the way you shoot. In this case, because there was a lot of movement I had to shoot at a very fast shutter speed in order to capture the subject with some degree of focus and sharpness. I set my aperture low in order to give a shallow depth of field. Due to these settings put in place, I had to raise the ISO levels to combat the lack of light, but unfortunately with these settings in place you have to expect an increase of noise.

Taken on a very bright day. This silhouette effect is created by exposing the sky. For this particular shot I set a high aperture and increased the shutter speed. Shooting into the sun also helps but often causes lens flare.

Shot at night with car headlamps used as back lighting and the camera's flash providing a key light. No hedgehogs were harmed in the making of this photo.

A creative profile photo using a fisheye lens.


Software: Adobe InDesign & Adobe Photoshop


Software: Final Draft 6 & Microsoft Word

As a hobby, I write screenplays/teleplays (predominately sitcoms and short films) and I'm an occasional contributor for an American humour site.


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