Virginia Cavaliers


Our state is Virginia

Border States

The border states are Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennesse and North Carolina


This is the University of Virginia

Charlottesville, VA

And this is Charlottesville, VA where the campus is located.

Richmond, VA

This is Richmond, VA where the state capital is.

Capital Building

This is the capital building

Virginia's Time Zone

Virginia is in the eastern time zone

State Bird

The state bird is the Cardinal

State Flower

The state flower is the American Dogwood.

Virginia's Nickname

The state nickname is The old dominion state.

These are some of Virginia's state attractions

A Virginia state attraction is the home of George Washington.
Chesapeake Bay is also a Virginia state attraction.
And so is Shenandoah national park.

Famous people from Virginia

George Washington was born in Virginia and was famous in Virginia because he was the first U.S president.
Arthur Ashe was a famous person from our state and he was a professional tennis player.
Thomas Jefferson was famous in Virginia because he was the third U.S president.

Virginia's mascot

This is Virginia's mascot, CavMan the Cavalier

London Perrantes

London Perrantes is a senior at Virginia University his height is 6-2 and his weight is 197 lbs.


And this is his hometown, Los Angeles, CA

This is Virginia's fight song, "The Cavalier Song"

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