The Coca-Cola Company Lauren Vann, Patrick PeNa-Ariet, & Hanqing Sun


  • Background - Largest beverage company and is the leading producer and marketer of soft drink.
  • Product- Coca - Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Mello Yello, Fresca etc.
  • Target market - Is vast and varied as its product lines, demographics based on taste and habits
  • Mission Statement - Remain a thriving business in the next ten years, to inspire moments of optimism, to create value and make a difference.

Swot analysis

Core Competencies

  • Brand Awareness
  • Advertisments
  • Product diversity is low
  • Focuses on branding with fast-food opposed to creating original products


  • Demand shift in the snack product
  • Large competition such as Pepsi
  • Health concerns of their products

Proposed Change & Rationale

  • Selling snack and food products
  • Demand shift for snack products
  • Widen Coca-Cola's product selection
  • Increase Coca-Cola's sales revenue
  • Generated 38% of PepsiCo's sales revenue in 2015


  • Merge with a current snack company
  • Example: Promotion in Motion- sells Welch's and Sun-Made Raisins

Kotters change model

  • Create sense of urgency- Urge upper management to act on the change due to the drop of soda consumption in the US. (drop of 25% over last 20 years)
  • Form a strategic vision-Clearly explain vision to upper management. Vision is creating a place where Coke can sell beverages and snacks in same place. (Vending machine)
  • Enable action by removing barriers- Figuring out what kind of snacks the Coca-Cola Company would want to be involved with, the cost of partnership.
  • Sustain Acceleration- Promote new products through social media avenues, and create package deals with Coca-Cola beverages and new snack products


  • Widen Coca-Cola's product diversity
  • Increase Coca-Cola's sales revenue
  • Limit Competitors advantages


Do you think by Coca-Cola selling snack products, they will loss their brand reputation?

If snacks were in Coke's vending machines, would you be more likely to buy a snack?

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