Bishop Kenny High School 5-Year Strategic Plan Update

Dear Friends,

In 2017, the administration of Bishop Kenny High School unveiled a 5-year strategic plan. The result of several months of research and collaboration, the plan was developed and adopted as a roadmap of school improvement including, programs, facilities, business practices, student life, and a vision for the future. With 2 years left on the clock , I am happy to present this report of the progress that has been made so far.

Not surprisingly, year three of our 5-year plan has been significantly impacted by the Covid-19 global pandemic. Some of our plans have been interrupted or delayed in order to respond to this once in a century occurrence. Despite this new reality, we remain committed to the goals and time-frame of the Strategic Plan for Bishop Kenny High School.


Todd M. Orlando, Principal

Catholic Identity

Catholic Identity Goal 1: To promote the Catholic identity and preserve the history of BKHS

1. Celebrate the important role the church plays in the daily life of our school and its students

The following outlines new programs and enhancements made to existing programs in response to our challenge to celebrate the role the church plays in the daily life of BK:

  • Development of a school crest for use on significant documents and publications
  • Diocesan Professional Development for Faculty
  • Ongoing Catechesis for faculty (OSG)
  • Faculty retreats
  • Freshman Retreat
  • Focus on mental health of students
  • Kairos Retreat Program
  • Speakers brought to campus to address faculty on professional development days.
  • Speakers brought to campus to address students
  • Response of school to loss of a student
Students load items collected during a school-wide drive held in support of the Catholic Charities food pantry.

2. Utilize traditional and social media to share news of the good deeds of students, alumni, and staff.

  • Marketing committee manages a regular schedule of press releases to traditional media to showcase the good deeds of students, alumni, and staff.
  • Marketing committee and communications department schedule posts to social media and BK website to showcase the good deeds of students, alumni, and staff.
  • Communications department manages a monthly electronic newsletter to BK parents featuring timely news items including good deeds of students, alumni, and staff.
  • The Avenue features news of good deeds of students, alumni, and staff.

3. Promote opportunities for parents to participate in the spiritual preparation of their children.

  • Parents are made aware that morning 7:15 Mass in the Bishop Paul Tanner Chapel is open not only to students and faculty but to parents as well.

Catholic Identity Goal 2: Emulate in word and deed the charisms of Bishop William J. Kenny

1. Promote the historical significance of Bishop William Kenny to students, parents, and alumni.

  • A plaque introducing Bishop William Kenny, the first American-born Bishop of St. Augustine, has been installed at the main entrance to the school.
  • A classroom lesson and accompanying card featuring a picture of Bishop William Kenny along with brief information about the significant events in his life is distributed to all 9th grade students in conjunction with annual Founders’ Mass.

2. Establish a William Kenny Award to honor and recognize students who reach an exemplary level of service.

This goal has not yet been addressed.

3. Create a historical archive dedicated to preserving the history of BKHS in the Demetree Learning Commons and in appropriate sites on campus.

The Bishop Paul F. Tanner Chapel, a focal point of the BK campus, was blessed and dedicated on December 8, 1997.
A plaque describing the significant life of Bishop Paul F. Tanner has been blessed and dedicated as part of the ongoing development of an archive at Bishop Kenny High School. The plaque is hung adjacent to the portrait of Bishop Tanner for whom the chapel is named.
Bishop Kenny's first four grauating classes, The Door Openers,  an important part of our history and archive.
  • In the fall of 2019 a plaque honoring Bishop Kenny's first students, the classes of 1953-1957, also known as The Door Openers, was blessed and dedicated by Rev. Jason Trull '92 as part of the ongoing development of an archive at Bishop Kenny High School.
  • Documents including student newspapers, scrapbooks, yearbooks, architectural plans etc. are in the process of being digitized to preserve them for future generations. A schedule of future items in need of similar preservation is being developed. This is a significant and ongoing project.

Campus Environment

Campus Environment Goal 1:

Continually improve campus safety and security.

  • The number of security cameras has been increased from 36 to 131.
  • Addition of large numbers to all campus buildings for location recognition in the event of an emergency.
  • Glass storefronts replace the gates in the 100 building and other campus locations.
  • A Life Safety Audit has been completed
  • Provided "run, hide, fight" and "stop the bleed" training
  • Ongoing JSO campus review and updates to safety and security procedures.

Campus Environment Goal 2: Develop short and long-term improvement plans for campus facilities

  • Architectural review commissioned to address needs of: 100 building, locker rooms, administrative and business offices
  • Telephone system replaced
  • Renovated and modernized student and faculty restrooms in the 100, 200, and 300 buildings
  • Carpeting replaced in 200 building
  • Furniture, cabinetry upgrades to main office
  • Covered walkways re-roofed
  • Addition of a Mac lab
  • Created and updated a robotics lab
  • Cafeteria Update and Renovation
  • Gymnasium Interior Renovation
  • Gymnasium Restrooms Renovation
  • Gymnasium Roof Replaced
  • Server and switch replacements
  • Sailing team added as a club sport
  • Beach Volleyball added as club sport
  • Beach Volleyball courts (3) added at waterfront
  • Baseball complex improvements: wall, batting cages, press box, signage
  • Softball Concession Renovated
  • Tennis courts re-screened
  • Track replaced
Beach Volleyaball and Sailing are two new Club Sports at BK. Beach Volleyball required the addition of a facility, Sailing uses the facilities at the Florida Yacht Club, and Baseball, a part of the Crusader Sports program since 1952, has seen major stadium improvements including a new name, over the past two years.

Campus Environment Goal: 3 Develop an environmentally sustainable and ecologically responsible plan for campus operations aligned with Laudato Si’

1.) Purchase energy efficient appliances, lighting fixtures, and HVAC units in keeping with the BK Goes Green initiative.

  • LED Lighting is installed as existing lighting fixtures are replaced
  • Energy efficient AC units installed as needed
  • New gymnasium roof installed and ready for installation of solar panels.
  • BK Goes Green Initiative

2.) Implement a school-wide recycling program and complementary educational plan

  • Recycle Bins have been placed in offices and throughout campus


Goal 1: Ensure the solvency of BKHS through goal-driven budgeting and sound fiscal management

  • A 5-year financial plan complete with specific short and long-term goals has been established.
  • Monthly internal review in place
  • Principal meets twice annually with investment advisor

Goal 2: Expand the information sharing process

  • Publish an Annual Report - This goal has not yet been addressed.
  • Promote the financial affordability of a Catholic secondary education. In-person and print communication directed to potential students and their parents explains payment and scholarship options for families in need of assistance.
“We must continue to evaluate and evolve our strategy to ensure the financial sustainability of our community’s mission of Catholic education.” -Vincent Saladino, Vice Principal


Leadership Goal 1: Promote leadership within faculty and staff

  • Title II funds secured and managed for ongoing faculty development
  • Title IV funds secured and managed for ongoing faculty development
  • Private funds from endowments managed for ongoing faculty development

Leadership Goal 2: Redefine the role of the Advisory School Board

1) Formulate a selection process of board members.

  • This goal has not yet been addressed.

2) Provide orientation and ongoing training.

  • This goal has not yet been addressed.

Institutional Advancement

Institutional Advancement Goal 1: Position BK as the premier Catholic college-prep school in North Florida

1) Continue to focus on branding using approved logo and mascot.

  • Development of approved logos for athletic clubs and school organizations.
  • Consistent use of BK logo on expanded line of after-school and spirit-wear, and other specialty advertising items available online and in Crusader Corner.
  • Increased presence of BKHS via advertising.
  • Increased circulation of giveaway items thru the feeder schools.

2) Increase the presence of BKHS via social media and website.

  • Branding Package Rollout
  • New BK website
  • Addition of a Communications Coordinator with a focus on social media
  • Roll-out of We Are BK campaign

Institutional Advancement

Goal 2: Admissions

1) Strengthen commitment to financial aid and scholarship programs.

  • BKHS Private Financial Aid Program
  • BKHS Privately Funded and Named Scholarships
  • Family Empowerment Scholarship
  • Gardiner Scholarship
  • McKay Scholarship
  • Florida Tax Credit Scholarships

2) Sustain community outreach to ensure strong and diverse enrollment.

  • Addition of STEAM Day as recruitment tool
  • Addition of BK Ambassadors Program
  • Crusader for a Day program enhancements
  • Expanded Discovery Day Program
  • Expanded Outreach to potential new families through Social Media
  • Finalsite website roll-out for ease of browsing, online applications, etc.
Feeder school visits and activities such as STEAM Day welcome future Crusaders to campus.

Institutional Advancement Goal 3: Fundraising Plan

1) Develop a plan for the next five years with a view towards the school's 70th anniversary.

  • Examination of architectural proposals and associated project(s) costs to determine feasibility of a capital campaign
  • Roll-out of Fund for BKHS
  • Roll-out of Day of Giving

2) Increase parent, alumni, and faculty giving to The Fund for Bishop Kenny.

  • Use of consultants to target increased ask amounts
  • Day of Giving to encourage young alumni giving
  • Scholarships
  • Work with BK Boosters to enhance fundraising
  • Auction moved to online bidding for 2020

Institutional Advancement Goal 4: Create additional revenue streams to support the Vision and Mission of BK

1) Disclose scholarship and other altruistic opportunities for potential donors.

  • Cultivate donors who show interest in other giving opportunities on Fund for BKHS commitment forms

2) Foster established relationships with alumni and parishes.

  • Invite donors to Benefactors Mass
  • Attend Door Openers Functions
  • Offer expanded social opportunities for alumni
  • Encourage more on-campus reunion activities

3) Strengthen ties with current benefactors.

  • Benefactors Mass
  • Christmas Cards
  • Invitation to Founders' Mass
  • VIC athletic admission cards given to supporters

4) Continue to reach out to alumni and parents to ensure the continued success of special events.

  • Social media and electronic messaging about special events to alumni
  • Addition of online participation in the BK Boosters Auction
  • Encourage sponsors and donors from the alumni community
  • Encourage participation in the BK Boosters Golf Tournament
  • Encourage participation in the Michael John Lanahan, Jr. Memorial Golf Tournament

Student Learning and Success

Student Learning and Success Goal 1: Expand curricular offerings to support a vibrant and competitive college-preparatory school.

1.) Further develop STEM offerings and opportunities

  • Addition of Khan Academy to enhance SAT preparation
  • BK Ambassadors program established
  • Clubs and Activities enlarged
  • Domestic and international travel opportunities

2.) Consider additional AP courses

  • Addition of two academic honor societies
  • Increased AP offerings from 20 to 24
  • Introduction of AP Capstone to curriculum
  • Staffed math lab- days per week
  • Writing lab
  • Continued participation in the EnvirothonProposed addition of Environmental ScienceRaised Gardens Project Introduced -testing acidity of soil; plant-based research

Student Learning and Success Goal 2: Increase the number of National Merit qualifiers

1.) Promote the benefits of the National Merit Scholarship Program.

  • Addition of Khan Academy in 9th and 10th grade English and math courses to enhances PSAT preparation
  • Director of Dept. of School Counseling and Academic Dean held meeting with the top 25 juniors based on last year's PSAT to discuss benefits of the National Merit competition and ways to prepare

2.) Explore ways to identify and encourage potential scholars.

Science Department experimental gardens added in 2019

Student Learning and Success Goal 3: Implement BK Goes Green, an interdisciplinary plan of environmental responsibility aligned with Laudato Si'

1.) Encourage faculty to identify existing teachable opportunities within our curriculum.

  • Continued participation in the Envirothon
  • Proposed addition of Environmental Science
  • Raised Gardens Project Introduced -testing acidity of soil; plant-based research

2.) Promote service projects in support of BK Goes Green.

  • Waterfront clean-up
  • A new environmental branch of the Science Club is designed to focus on improving conservation efforts at BK and in our community.

Thank you for taking a look at the updates made thus far for the 2017-2022 Strategic Plan. To view the updated plan in its entirety, please click the button below.

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