The notebook By:Nicholas sparks

There are always books that will catch your eye and make you feel certain ways, but a few special books are made into movies. Sometimes they turn these books into movies and sometimes they don't turn out good.

I chose to read The notebook by Nicholas Sparks. In the book it starts off in Allies point of view. She thinks about how they met as she is going to visit him. She meets him and they spend the first day just talking, the second day they go out on the water and feed the swans. On the third day her mother shows up, and Lon shows up to the hotel she is staying at. They make her choose who she was going to be with and she chose Noah. Then it goes to where they they have kids and Allie ow has Alzheimers And Noah and her die in the end.

In the movie they met at a carnival because of Noah's best friend, Allie is with another guy but Noah really likes her. Allie and Noah have a beautiful summer full of love but then Allie moves away. Allie meets Lon in the care center for the army because shes a nurse. it flashes from two different points of view, an old man reading the book, and into the story as if they're memories. Allie comes to visit Noah and they fall in love again. Allie chose Noah and it turns out that the old people are Allie and Noah. Allie has Alzheimer's and Noah reads to her so she can remember, they die in the end.

In the book Allie meets Lon because hes a wealthy business man, in the movie she meets him in the hospital because shes a nurse. In the movie Allie and Noah meet because Noah walks Allie home, in the movie Allie and Noah meet at a carnival while Allie is on a date. In the book Allie has a boyfriend back home, in the movies Allie was single and going on a date.

I personally think the movie was better because it portrayed the book well and it added a little bit more detail. Its a beautiful thing to watch people fall in love and in the book you can see it but in the movie its not as confusing. Overall I enjoyed the movie better and I think you will too.

The notebook, Cassavetes, Nick

New line cinema. 2004

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