Keep The Beasts Away Protect our own. save our children.


The United States incorporated the theme of fear of the Soviet Union as a propaganda. The USA values individualism and the lives of their citizens. The soviet Union is seen as powerful forces of violence which is immediately hated by the citizens. Propagandas typically use personal incentives to make Americans feel more inclined to help the cause. The poster has the purpose of inflicting fear upon Americans, the fear that the Soviet Union will acquire too much power. There was the constant battle for the hearts and beliefs of the public. Over all, the public holds the power so the poster is made to gain this power. The theme of power control is the initiative of the war, so appealing to the public is important. The statement “Keep the Beasts Away” makes the soviet union seen as a hateful thing. The beasts represent the opponent in the war. I incorporated the photo of the American plane to represent the ammunition and new inventions used as military gear. The technology during this war was used for winning, and gaining control. The theme of the fear of losing power is evident. From the project I have gained a better perspective of how the Soviet Union was seen as Red, for being communists. They saw capitalism and communism as a disruptive way of controlling the government. I really learned about the extent of how it affect the US people.

Soviet Union: The theme of our propaganda was to instill fear in the Soviet population after World War II. After fighting together against the axis powers in World War II the United States and the Soviet Union were weary allies. The Soviet Union always feared that the United States would never treat them as equals. The United States continued to build up arms and was intervening in international relations around the world which made the Soviet Union feel like they were trying to take control. My propaganda was used by the Soviet Union to convince their people that they were equals of the United States. The Soviets used propaganda that would scare their people into believing they were going to be treated poorly in the new world order. The Soviets believed that communism was the way of the progressive world. My propaganda poster shows the image of a snarling Uncle Sam (representing the U.S.) and a Soviet Bear balancing him out. The phrase “Balance YOUR Power” tells the Soviet people to feel proud about who they are and to demand equality from the U.S. I chose this, because the Soviets wanted equal treatment for their way of life, and not to be pushed around by the capitalist imperialists who would just be ruled by money. I learned that the U.S. and the Soviets were never very close with each other and were probably only allies, because of a common enemy (Nazis). The Soviets felt capitalism would just lead to more corruption and the U.S. felt the Soviet system of Communism was not the way to run the world.

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