Plant Trees Aroha for ALL

The air we breathe, is precious.

The potential to influence this, is in our hands.

Plant Trees.

A regenerating native forest can remove more than 8 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare, per year, from the atmosphere, over 50 years.

In New Zealand, forests offset nearly 30 % of our greenhouse gas emissions.

Studies have shown that coastal vegetation can reduce erosion and minimise the impacts of waves and floods and mediate sea level rise.

Riparian planting is essential to keeping waterways clean and healthy.

Water quality is directly impacted by trees planted along waterways.

Trees provide shade which has a cooling effect in towns and cities...

Plant Trees.

They improve air quality,

....and they are beautiful.

Planted strategically around buildings, they can cut electricity used to cool buildings in summer.

Trees are a part of the diverse layers nature provides, that create biodiversity.

Trees provide soil and water conservation, facilitate carbon sequestration, improve biodiversity and increase the number of pollinators and natural pest predators, like birds.

Tui, Kokako, Ruru,Karearea, Piwakawaka, Kereru

Trees have been shown to communicate with each other, their root systems are incredible.

Plant Trees.

Get involved in a commnity forest restoration, dune care or coastal regeneration programme in your area.

Check out your local council websites.

Plant Trees.

The part that Trees play in our lives, often goes unnoticed.

Consciously consider how we breathe in, what trees breathe out. Trees breathe in, what we breathe out.

It is a very simple relationship.

It is essential.

Plant Trees.

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