The Georgian friday, 3 july 2020

A Word from Emma and William

Moving up to a new classroom is an exciting time filled with fun and opportunity.

We know transitions can sometimes be a little scary for both children and parents. That’s why our teachers and school staff are dedicated to supporting children every step of the way. Every child is different; for some, moving to a new classroom is fun and exciting, but for others, it may be more stressful. Our goal is to make transitions as smooth as possible, for everyone involved.

This time of year brings about change: the end of a school year, saying goodbye to teachers or staff that your child has worked closely with for a year or more and looking ahead to what September brings for not only your child, but you as a family. That change may be transitioning into Reception and full-time school for the first time,the big move to a senior school or a new start at another school for any number of reasons. Often we have found that this initial stage of preparing for a move is the one that is the most emotional for all involved: the excitement, the concerns, the ‘unknowns’ that children will consider and often parents will worry about more! What can you do to prepare them for this change, for this fundamental shift in their social and educational day-to-day life? Here are a few thoughts from our own experiences and ideas garnered from time spent in preparing for this situation with children, parents and staff.


If they are old enough to do so, ask your child to write down or verbalise any concerns they have. Some of them may be minor and easily placated, others may be answered quickly by asking a friend who knows the school or by contacting the school themselves. Often worries and concerns that build up to be major in an individual’s head can be minor when out in the open. However, whilst sharing, don’t forget the positives! What are they excited about? What do they most look forward to? What will be better? If you are concerned yourself, do the same exercise. And remember, stay positive!


Control the controllables. What do you know about for definite? Try on the new uniform and make it an exciting activity! Stock up the new pencil case with everything they need. Map out the route to school, try driving it or walking it one morning at the time you will be doing so - this will be one less thing for you and your child to think about on day one. Sign up for any holiday clubs or camps the school runs.

Encourage Independence

What will your child need to do that might be different? If they are entering Reception, practise putting on and buttoning up their blazer, using their knife and fork or packing a bag in the morning. If they are going to senior school, let them timetable a day for the family in the holidays and see how they stick to it or allow them to pack their own bags for holidays or days out and learn from the process. As they get older in prep or primary education and certainly as they move into senior education, whether you like it or not, your children will want to succeed in this change without your help. They will want to make friends, overcome challenges and celebrate successes as individuals, so encourage them to be independent from the off; explain and demonstrate that you are there to support them if they ever need it, but that you trust them to be responsible and mature enough to make this next step.


With modern communication as it is, there are probably already social media or instant messaging groups in place for children of the appropriate age to meet prospective classmates or parents to interact in advance of the new year. Find out about these and join if possible, but also link up with other families in person before starting if you can, as it will give everybody a familiar face from day one. These may not end up being the families or friends that are the closest throughout your time in school but it will allow you to find out any nuggets of advice that they have to pass on and it may lead to further introductions.


This move will work for your child. They are ready for their next class, senior school or their new start. They are not the first to make this move or to feel nervous about doing so. Remind your child and yourself of all of the positives to come, but more importantly, remind them of the positives about themselves. Recall the things that they have achieved, the friends that they have made and equally, the times when it has been difficult and the way in which they have overcome challenges. Make sure that they know that being themselves is good enough and that they shouldn’t feel the need to try to be someone they are not or to conform to stereotypes. Give them the confidence to have their own opinions and encourage them not to be afraid to make mistakes. If you show confidence and belief in the school and in your child then this will impact on them and will have them walking through the door ready to face anything!

Best wishes for the weekend.

Emma and William

Celebration and Golden Tree Assembly

Congratulations to these children in the Pre-Prep who received awards this week:

Kindergarten Bees

Krish K: for knowing many amazing things about space which he enjoys sharing with his teachers.

Zhiyi T: for always coming to school with a cheerful smile. Thank you for making us all feel happy.

Kindergarten Ladybirds

Yatharth S: for making his teachers very proud at lunchtime and showing us he is ready for Reception.

Kai H: for sitting and listening at carpet time and joining in with all of his friends with enthusiasm!

Reception E

Zack T: for throwing himself wholeheartedly into our number songs.

William H: for working so hard on all his Set 3 Read Write Inc sounds all year.

Rai S: for excellent even and odd number work.

Reception P

Akushla V: for her super effort and progress this term.

Grace J: for her excellent odd and even number work.

Millie C: for her detailed retelling of the Ladybird stories.

Zachary M: for the concentration, effort and motivation when approaching his school work.

Abhay S: for the wonderful work he produces every day.

Year 1AG

Preet P: for working hard in Maths.

Kourosh S: for doing so much extra work in creative writing tasks this term.

Youshay R: for always behaving beautifully and setting a good example to others.

Dylan W: for a great effort on his handwriting.

Year 1JH

Harriet W-B: for writing an outstanding poem independently about the weather.

Gus M: for all of the extra effort that he has put into this term especially in maths. We are very proud of you Gus.

Alex S: for writing an excellent independent poem about the weather and for trying really hard across the curriculum. Well done Alex.

Francisco V B: for returning to school this week and settling in beautifully with a very positive attitude to learning. Well done Francisco!

Year 2GA

Sasha B: for sharing his musical talent.

Jojo R: for his consistent hard work across the curriculum.

George P: for concentrating well on his tasks, working from home.

Rafferty C: for his enthusiasm in lessons and settling in well at St George’s.

Jamie B: for working hard to add detail in his written tasks.

Year 2SS

Georgina F: for beautiful artwork and taking care with the presentation of her work.

Aarun D: for participating confidently in History lessons learning about seaside holidays in the past.

Djibriel R-M: for working so hard and showing enthusiasm in google meet sessions.

Rosalie A: for imaginative and creative creative writing about the storm whale.

Year 3CH

Kyan W: for a super Google Slides presentation from Belgium to the class on his brother Sybren on Wednesday.

Cicily W: for very conscientious work of a high standard.

Molly J: for very conscientious work of a high standard.

Tom J: for consistently working hard in English and Maths with good attainment.

Year 3ML

James C: for working very hard in every subject all the time!

Freya S: for adding more detail to her writing and comprehension.

Ezrah H: for detailed and careful drawing in Geography.


Congratulations to these pupils who have been nominated this week:

Thomas B: for writing a fantastic poem in English, portraying excellent alliteration, onomatopoeia and similes. He has also been particularly helpful to others in maths whilst doing line graphs.

Jonty O: for being creative and extremely neat when doing tessellations in maths.

Ekam R: for producing some excellent work in RS when studying Sikhism.

Jessica G: for producing an excellent informative leaflet on St Lucia.

Raphael K: for excellent work in maths this week, simply flying through ‘Square Numbers’.

Lara B: for creating an amazing poster on camouflage in the wild terrain.

Theo H: for creating an amazing poster on camouflage, giving a talk to the class on the army and bringing in his own outfit to wear.

Oliver S: for designing a lovely leaflet on St Lucia.

Bea A: for working hard; her determination and perseverance on more challenging tasks are clear to see. Bea is also very polite and a joy to teach.

Carys C, Ethan F-G, Adhrit P, Ella G, Owen H, Nefeli M, Hari K-J, James E, Bea A, Summer E and George S: for the consistent excellent effort they have demonstrated in science.

Max C, Harry E, Miles M, William P, Nathan M, Savannah K, Kieran E and Tommy H: for consistent excellent effort in science.

William F: for excellent creative writing.

Matilda U-I, Siena L and Issey S: for fantastic artwork.

Nathan M, Harry E, Max C, Will S, Savannah K and Buddy P: for their outstanding use of French in their speaking topics.


George S: for always being a very kind and caring member of the form. Since another child has come back to school, George has ensured that he feels comfortable and safe at school, bringing him up to speed with the new routines and structures.

Siena L: for always demonstrating every St George's value whether in school or at home. She has been a superstar.

IAPS Swimming Success

We are very proud of three of our pupils for their success in the IAPS swimming regional qualifying galas earlier this year. Over 400 schools entered the competition. Sam P had the 2nd fastest overall 25m butterfly time nationally. Isla M had the 19th fastest time from her 25m breaststroke heat (out of 156 swimmers) and Lily D had the 37th fastest time in her 25m backstroke heat (out of 167 swimmers). Both Sam and Isla would have been selected to take part in the national finals at the London Aquatics Centre in June had it taken place. Congratulations to all three for doing so well!

National Schools Observatory Award

Jennifer W has been working over the year on her National Schools Observatory Astronomy STEM Bronze award. Jennifer brilliantly continued working on the award during the lockdown and the NSO has now sent the school a certificate to give to Jennifer and to congratulate her on her work which had been sent to them by Mr Foran for evaluation. Very well done Jennifer!

Thursday's concert.

Summer Sports

Our annual sports days have been one of the casualties of the changes the school has had to introduce to cope with coronavirus. But the children and teachers have been adapting sports day traditions to celebrate what would for many be the highlight of the school calendar, practising their moves and all sorts of activities both in school and at home and holding virtual sports days.

Reception held their own sports day. It was definitely about the taking part and the children enjoyed every minute, even running away from the rain. There was a running race, a bean bag balance race, a horse hurdle race and a cube and spoon race. A super afternoon!

In School This Week

Cats and Fishes were the themes for some super artwork in Year 1 and Year 2.

Year 1 enjoyed exploring and bug hunting in the Queen's garden.

Year 2 had a fascinating new science topic on electronic circuits and they enjoyed the hands-on experience with insulators and conductors.

Year 4 have been talking about different animals blending themselves into their environment in order to catch their prey, and looking into camouflage. Theo H thought he’d take it a step further and brought in his own camouflage outfit!

There is no doubt that everyone has enjoyed being back with friends!

This Week's Photo Gallery

Summer E's Scavenger Hunt
Xanthippe B's charity plant sale

SOuL Outdoor Learning

Mrs Onions has found an activity in the SOuL handbook that could be done at home. It involves using a hoop or similar to mark out an area and to study what bugs, creatures, insects can be found in it, by really looking and watching.

For further inspiration she recommends this video by Steve Backshall on BBC iPlayer!

This Week's Podcast

This week Mr Wilson speaks with Andy Cope, author or the SpyDog series of children's books and Diary of a Brilliant Kid: Top Secret Guide to Awesomeness. Andy is known as Dr Happy and is an internationally respected speaker on Happiness and Mental Health.

Quick Quiz Solutions

The solutions to last week's quiz are: Solutions: The Leptis Magna Ruins at Virginia Water; The Copper Horse statue of King George III; The Cumberland Obelisk; The Cascade at Virginia Water; The Totem Pole; The Jubilee Statue of HM The Queen; The Savill Building; The Prince Consort Statue (Prince Albert).

Do you recognise these insects?

'All Together', a celebration of the year at St George's will be shown on Friday, 10 July, with an image slideshow from 9.45am. Look out for your email with the links at 8.30am
Wishing the following pupils a very...

Max A, Esmé M, Joshan G, Scarlet S, Evie C, Mansa H and Tristan U-I.