John Tyler By Jayden petty and justin taylor

Early childhood

John Tyler Jr. was born on March 29 1790 to a loving caring educated family. He had seven siblings five sisters and two brothers


He went to the collage of William and Marry and practiced law. His brothers and sisters also went to William and Marry, but John Tyler was the most educated.


He was a lawyer before his presidency, and he won many cases. He was one of the best lawyers you can have, and everyone wanted to be on his his side


He was inaugurated in 1841 and left in 1845, He was the tenth president, and he had a negative impact on the people because he didn't allow Texas to have their tariff. From that point on no one wanted him to be the president

Impact and Legacy

John Tyler had a negative impact in office because he didn't let Texas have their tariff, and he went down in history hated. He was not put in office for another term because he just didn't fit the need that they wanted.

"Wealth can only be accumulated by the earnings of industry and the savings of frugality"

Fun Facts

John Tyler was a good lawyer but nobody liked him as the president of the united states.

Created By
Jayden Petty


Created with images by cliff1066™ - "John Tyler, Tenth President (1841-1845)" • mandalariangirl - "John Tyler 1841-1845" • Tony Fischer Photography - "John Tyler, 10th Union President, Confederate Congressman" • Political Graveyard - "John Tyler" • Boston Public Library - "John Tyler. Born in Virginia March 29th, 1790. President from 1841 to 1845. Died January 17th 1862 aged 71 years. Compliments of Julius Saul, leading clothier, 324 & 326 River St., Troy. [front]" • edwarddallas - "John Tyler - 10th President" • Ron Cogswell - "The George Washington Equestrian Monument -- State Capitol Grounds Richmond (VA) 2012"

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