April Dig An Archaeology Experience


It's safe to say that the juniors of Walker Memorial Academy have mastered the digs at the Blueberry site in Lake Placid, FL. Alternating different duties such as: sifting, digging, and writing on the artifact baggies aids in getting the job done quicker. Beginning the dig with worship helps them keep God's glory in mind while excavating test unit nine (TU9).



April 20, 2018


Crown Heights owner, Yakel (Jewish Auschwitz survivor)

A young Jewish man kept an older gentleman warm while in Auschwitz. Resulting in both the young man and the old man being the only ones to have survived a freezing cold night in a boxcar. Everyone else in the boxcar had died from being too cold.

Six Word Memoirs:
  1. Make someone’s priority, your own priority. —AG
  2. Warm others to keep warm yourself. —GD
  3. Giving a smile, brings a smile. —IH

Dig Details

This dig was no different than any other, we always begin by excavating the walls of the unit. This is known as wall cleanup.

Afterwards, we began excavating the SW Quad in hopes of finding more artifacts (of course) by creating a trench.

Ifiok creating the trench in the SW Quad.

Continuing with the SW Quad by shoveling shaving the remaining part of the quad in a horizontal fashion.

Gordon Davis excavating like a pro.

Taking the SW Quad down to 45 CMBD, or Level 5A, we were actually able to handle doing two quads at the same time.

Since we’re so good, don’t mean to brag.

Four people in the unit... working hard.

In between shovel shaving, measurements were taken periodically to make sure we were on the right track.

Below is an image of Richard and I measuring the CMBD.

After finally leveling both the SW and the NW quads we continued onto the NE and SW quads to make all of them an even 45 CMBD.


Isaac and Abel are definitely experts when it comes to sifting. Sifters have an important job which includes carefully placing the artifacts and making sure that they are placed in the correct baggies. It can get a little messy believe it or not.

Mama Sonia “sifting.”

Artifact Baggies

Artifact baggies are utilized to distinguish or categorize each artifact to the quad in which it was found. For instance, if an artifact like pottery was found in the NE Quad, it would be placed into a specific artifact baggie that is precisely labeled with NE Quad on it.

Below are the artifacts separated into the artifact baggies belonging to the quad that they were found in...

SW Quad:

NW Quad:

SE Quad:


Misty filling out the paperwork for KVAHC.

The paperwork is used as a reference so Dr. Butler can refer back to it at a later point in time.

Unit Record Level Form



  • Abel B.
  • Ifiok E.
  • Ashley G.
  • Isaac H.
  • Levi H.
  • Misty M.
  • Richard Z.


  • Mr. Gordon Davis
  • Mrs. Sonia Hernandez


This was the first time, in both of my archaeology years that I was able to sit down and watch the dig for a few minutes before doing a task. It was quite refreshing.


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