Time changes in differing places

Students Studying -- Students are often stressed with their homework piling up day after day and often go to the library to do it with their friends

Teenagers playing -- Teens are often going out to play sports as a form of entertainment and to chill out with their friends

Adults in the busy road of orchard -- Adults are living such a fast paced life nowadays that they are unable to allocate time for family and friends

Photo 9 - A elderly eating (to show how he is taking his life slow and steady as compared to the working adults)

When your child too young to go preschool, why stay home when you can go to the swings. This is a good way nurture your child as leaving your child at home to watch TV which does not help him much
As the child moves on to kindergarten, the mother is there to support him/her. Even kindergartens are tiring for the children that the mother is carrying her back home. Or maybe a sign of affection?
Heading home after a hard day at school to de-stress themselves
As you get older and older doing sports is not much of an option anymore. Thus, the male elderly usually end up at the void deck together with their friends. They often talk and play Chinese chess.

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