Why you SHOULD reinvent the wheel Taking a fresh look at digital publications

When technology advances the temptation is to make it imitate that which went before. An example for our industry is eBooks that "flip" pages and essentially imitate its traditional equivalent.

Reinventing the wheel

Today we attended an event jointly hosted by Adobe and Woodwing showcasing the new Adobe DPS 2015 and Inception from Woodwing. As a hybrid publisher, I frequently attend seminars to stay at the forefront of the technology as it grows and the boundaries of what we can't, and more increasingly, what we can do.

Connecting with your audience on the move
Did you realise 2 out of 3 users read content using their phones ABOVE tablets, and that the large screen phone market has grown by 148% with content rich media users?

Many businesses and authors have yet to leverage the existing full potential of these devices as all too often their apps mimic their traditionally printed media. Worse still, many businesses have yet to step into the app market and instead focus on a mobile ready website. This is partly due to Google's new approach to search rankings, but also to the perceived cost of producing an app.

App usage on mobile devices consistently outpaces web access on these platforms.

When apps leverage the full functionality of the device they are presented on, they have a greater use and versatility than Internet use on a mobile platform. They can also drive greater interaction with your content with you proactively interacting with your audience.

Push notifications can drive audience interaction up by up to 40%

With DPS based applications, this interaction goes beyond just push notifications. We can now leverage all the components of the users device, from location for fully immersive experiences at live events, through to the gyroscope for adding cool interactive animation effects to your publications. The key to creating these experiences is to forget the limitations of the printed form.

To achieve these new experiences, we need to work closely with our clients to create a new way of thinking about their brand and how an app can help drive their business forward - through both internal and public content.

Using your content to drive engagement with your audience

Content Scheduling - Remove the traditional peaks and troughs of the traditional publishing model by driving through fresh content to the user to drive interaction throughout the month. This could be as simple as a news collection of articles, with a daily update article and targeted push notifications to a key market sector.

Personalised content - the user can curate individual articles from your content to create a personalised edition of information that they can use as a reference resource - while driving ad revenue for your publication at the same time.

Social sharing - through the new system, DPS 2015 allows you to use your users device's share options enabling them to share article summaries and page URLs, and soon expanding to web page reproduction direct from the app. This will drive your audience reach with very little input by you, while still maintaining control on what content can and can't be shared.

Related articles - these are automatically generated based on the keywords for the article currently being read. This will increase the users exposure to your content without you having to manually point them to additional content.

This architecture alone will help your content do more for your business... And that's before adding extra interactive features.

Talk to us about how an app could help you to drive your business forward in 2016

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