James Madison By. Jaden edwards

James Madison was Born- March 16 1751- Died June 28, 1836
Jame Madison was born at bell grove, port conway
James Madison was raised on a plantation in sight of blue ridge mountains of virginia
He went to Princeton university and he also went to boarding school.
James madison was Democratic-Republican Party -By 1792, opposition to the policies of the Federalist party was growing. Led by Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826), critics of the Federalists banded together to form the republican party . They were also called democratic republicans or Jeffersonian republicans
He had written the first u.s constitution and accomplished all he had wanted to . he also believed that the bill of rights was not needed
He was the 4th president of the united states
He had served 2 terms for president
Helped create new constitution, amended articles of confederation , and was chief recorder of information
He is the father of the constitution, co founder of the democratic-republican party, and brilliant secretary of state
James madison was 5 ft tall and weighed only 100 pounds
George Washington and James Madison were the only presidents that signed the constitution.
both of his vice presidents died in office ( george clinton and elbridge Gerry )
8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EivTHLKaa9s


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